Welly’s Horizon Expands: SHIB-Powered NFTs Transform the Culinary Landscape

May 17, 2024

SHIB, the pioneering ecosystem of cryptocurrency, has unveiled an exciting refresh of the Welly Friends NFT Collection. This innovative series of NFTs not only celebrates the artistry of digital creativity but also supports a beloved Italian restaurant and catering enterprise.

Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of Shiba Inu, expressed enthusiasm for this groundbreaking fusion of food-based blockchain innovation and NFT art. “Welly is an innovative approach to marrying blockchain technology with culinary excellence,” Kusama commented. “The Welly Friends NFT Collection offers a unique and engaging way to interact with NFTs, coupled with a partnership with a real brick-and-mortar business—one of Italy’s most exciting food brands.”

Originally launched in 2022 to support the growing Welly restaurant franchise, the Welly Friends NFT Collection has undergone a dramatic transformation alongside the brand’s expansion into catering. The creative minds behind these NFTs have meticulously reimagined the collection, elevating each profile picture with intricate details and transitioning from 3D renderings to captivating hand-drawn art. The artistic genius behind this revival brings a wealth of experience, having collaborated with industry giants like Pixar and Supercell.

Welly emerged from a vision to integrate blockchain concepts into a tangible, culinary experience, debuting in Naples, Italy, in 2021. Designed by the renowned studio “Masquespacio” and now powered by SHIB, Welly has become a culinary beacon in Naples. With an extensive menu featuring exclusive recipes crafted by acclaimed Chef Flynn McGarry, Welly aims to elevate fast food with high-quality, innovative, and delectable offerings. The revitalized Welly Friends NFT Collection underscores the convergence of gastronomy, blockchain, and art, heralding a new horizon for both culinary entrepreneurship and digital creativity.

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