Is Welly Opening A Third Store?

March 22, 2024

Welly is unstoppable.

Welly’s second store, which is a franchise, is opening in the coming months.

And now this.

In the dynamic realm of fast-food innovation, whispers swirl: Is Welly on the brink of revealing its highly anticipated third store, igniting curiosity and anticipation among eager aficionados?

Welly, whose origins can be traced back to its humble beginnings in Naples, has undoubtedly undergone a remarkable transformation since its collaboration with the Shiba Ecosystem in February 2022.

Welly stands out as a pioneering blockchain-driven fast-food restaurant, representing one of the Shiba Ecosystem’s earliest real-world endeavors.

Known for its pioneering integration of blockchain technology, Welly has captured global interest as the inaugural Web3 venture developed on Shibarium, setting a precedent for innovation within the Shiba Ecosystem.

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