Game On: Shiba Eternity’s Latest Update Revolutionizes Player Interaction and Combat Mechanics

April 30, 2024

In its ongoing effort to enhance and refine, the Shiba Inu Games team has launched another significant update for “Shiba Eternity,” the first-ever mobile collectible card game rooted in the vibrant Shiba Inu community.

This latest upgrade focuses on reinforcing social bonds among players and deepening the strategic elements of gameplay, marking it as the third major enhancement this month.

Revamping Player Interactions, Strategic Gameplay Enhancements

The latest version, 1.2.7, of ‘Shiba Eternity’ introduces substantial improvements aimed at enhancing player interaction and strategic depth. The updated social menu now operates with remarkable speed, efficiently loading and managing friends lists, making it easier than ever for players to connect. 

Moreover, a notable change in the game mechanics affects fighters with the Beta passive. These fighters have been adjusted to ensure that when they are destroyed, they no longer inflict debuff damage on adjacent friendly fighters. However, the loss of such fighters still impacts the remaining allies by reducing their Stamina and Attack, adding a layer of strategic loss to the gameplay.

“The social menu has been lifting weights in the gym, it will always quickly load your friends list and allow you to add more friends! Fighters with the Beta passive are told to play well they will not display debuff as damage on adjacent friendly Fighters when destroyed (adjacent Fighters will still lose the Stamina and Attack buff as losing friends is tragic),” the game’s latest patch note read.

“For a third consecutive week, the Shiba Inu Games team has delivered another round of enhancements, from visual tweaks to bug fixes, particularly in the game’s social menu and specific card interactions,” Mazrael, the Shib Army christened by Shytoshi Kusama as the “Eternity Master,” told The Shib Daily. “This game is truly receiving the polish it deserves. Meanwhile, we’re also making progress on our Play-to-Earn version, adding more features.”

Previous Updates and Ongoing Improvements

This month, “Shiba Eternity” received a slew of updates developed to strengthen its social and combat features as well as to address overall game stability. Last week, Update 1.2.6 introduced a leash on the Rampage ability, requiring it to wait its turn before activation, thus adding a strategic delay that players must manage

Additionally, summoned fighters received a confidence boost, now firmly taking their positions on the board before a turn ends. The update also included significant performance enhancements, with the game now running more smoothly, akin to a well-trained marathoner.

“Put a tight Leash on Rampage: Will patiently wait its turn before activating. Gave confidence boost to summoned fighters: They will now take their rightful place on board before letting you end the turn. After rigorous training, game runs like a seasoned marathoner without crashing,” the update’s patch notes highlighted.

Earlier this month, Update 1.2.1 brought fresh dynamics to the game’s tactical play. It revised trait cards that previously had issues staying in decks and introduced a new login rewards feature for promotional events, encouraging players to stay engaged and vigilant on social media for special offers.

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