SOON No More: Shytoshi Kusama Drops Major ‘Shiba Eternity’ News

March 15, 2024

The Shib Army, brimming with anticipation for the chance to dive into “Shiba Eternity,” received exhilarating news from Shytoshi Kusama, who unveiled a significant update on the Shib ecosystem’s collectible card game (CCG). 

Amidst a flurry of activities, including a burgeoning crypto bull run and the establishment of strategic alliances with key industry figures, Kusama has maintained a close connection with the community, often engaging directly in discussions and keeping a pulse on the ecosystem’s heartbeat.

Very recently, the visionary leader was at the official Discord of Shibarium Tech and was asked by Da Vinci, the pseudonymous admin of the server about Shiba Eternity, specifically, the date the Shib Army can test the game. Interestingly, in what seemed like a departure from their usual “SOON” answer when asked about schedules or release dates, Kusama gave the timeline “next quarter,” referring to the game’s “beta” testing.

While the pseudonymous lead developer did not elaborate on details, it was enough for the community to celebrate.

This update aligns perfectly with insights from Mazrael, a Shiba Eternity advisor and grandmaster, who recently tweeted about the game’s progress. The development team is reportedly making leaps in game testing, with previous technical glitches plaguing the PlaySide build being meticulously addressed and rectified. 

These improvements, alongside a host of enhancements, are poised for integration in an upcoming mobile version patch, signaling a significant milestone toward the launch of the Play-to-Earn (P2E) version of Shiba Eternity, Mazrael suggested.

Officially rolled out in October 2022, Shiba Eternity is a strategic card battle game where players craft decks, engage in tactical battles, and evolve virtual canine warriors called Shiboshis. The game’s development by PlaySide Studios, famed for their work with Disney, underscores its quality and appeal.

Shiba Inu’s CCG has successfully captivated over 500,000 players, a remarkable feat for a title yet to venture into the burgeoning Web3 market. The Shib Army, along with the broader gaming community, wait with bated breath for the integration of blockchain technology, expected to revolutionize player engagement and game dynamics. 

Earlier this year, Lucie, the marketing specialist of the Shib ecosystem, revealed that Shiboshi NFTs, a collection of pixelated profile pictures, will soon transcend their current status to become integral in-game assets on Shibarium.  

This integration promises to unlock exclusive features, hidden levels within the Dogjo, and personalized player experiences based on the rarity and traits of the NFTs.

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