‘Shiba Eternity’ Surges Forward: Additional Features Coming Next: Eternity Master

April 11, 2024

With the recent release of the highly anticipated major update setting the stage, “Shiba Eternity,” the Shiba ecosystem’s collectible card game (CCG) is poised for a groundbreaking evolution that will reshape the cryptocurrency industry as we know it. While the team behind Shiba Inu Games remained tight-lipped about their plans, recent information from an insider offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of the game.

In a recent conversation on Discord, Mazrael, the Shib Army christened by Shytoshi Kusama as the “Eternity Master,” spilled some tea about the current state of “Shiba Eternity” and what the Shiba Inu Games team is currently working on. According to him, “a significant amount of work is currently underway”  with the team already done developing the “initial version,” including the fixes rolled out earlier this week. 

Furthermore, Mazrael noted, “They are now focusing on implementing additional features and refining the existing mechanics, such as kibbles and Shiboshis.” The Eternity Master also revealed that the Shiba Inu Games team, “are working on adding new cards and implementing a breeding system,” adding that, “Despite the workload, the team is moving swiftly and efficiently.”

There are a few remarkable details Mazrael shared, including:

  • No External Dependencies: This indicates that the project is not waiting on any external factors or third-party contributions. The team can proceed with their work independently, suggesting a greater degree of control over the project timeline and progress.
  • Additional Features and Refinement: The team is now shifting its focus towards implementing additional features and refining existing mechanics. This indicates a forward-looking approach aimed at enhancing the project’s functionality and user experience based on feedback and insights gained from the initial version.
  • Implementation of New Mechanics: Specifically mentioned are the refinement of mechanics such as kibbles and Shiboshis. This suggests that the team is actively working on improving and fine-tuning specific aspects of the project to meet user expectations and project objectives.
  • Adding New Cards and Breeding System: The team is also working on introducing new content and features to enrich the project. This could include the creation of new in-game assets, such as cards, as well as the implementation of a breeding system, which adds depth and complexity to the gameplay experience.

It may be recalled that Angel, the Shiba Inu Games lead confirmed the team is working on the eagerly awaited Web3 version of the game and is  “on track to launch a closed beta for the Web3 version of ‘Shiba Eternity’ over the next few months,” before affirming, “This update is just the beginning of a more thrilling and even more competitive chapter for ‘Shiba Eternity,’ and we can’t wait to share more details. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to jump into the game and experience the improvements firsthand. We believe this update will make ‘Shiba Eternity’ even more enjoyable for both new and returning players.”

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