Shytoshi Kusama Delivers on Ryoshi’s Shiba Inu Dream, ShibaCon 2024

July 9, 2024
Shytoshi Kusama Delivers on Ryoshi's Shiba Inu Dream: ShibaCon 2024

Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama announced the inaugural ShibaCon 2024, a Shiba Inu-themed conference in Bangkok, fulfilling a long-held vision of the project’s enigmatic creator Ryoshi. 

This significant milestone, shared via an X post, has ignited excitement within the Shib Army and underlined Shiba Inu’s continued growth and commitment to community-driven initiatives.

“And make a final stop in Thailand at SHIBACON 2024!” Kusama exclaimed in his announcement. “Yes, you heard that right; we’re throwing our own con in Bangkok around the same time as DevCon. We will soon open the floor for speakers and sponsors to our very own conference that, as you will all soon see, is a bit different just like everything else we have done.”

ShibaCon 2024 aims to bring together Shiba Inu enthusiasts, developers, and supporters from around the globe, showcasing the project’s evolution and fostering a strong sense of community identity. The conference will feature discussions on Shiba Inu’s technological advancements, ecosystem development, and future plans, providing attendees with valuable insights into the project’s trajectory.

This landmark event is a testament to Ryoshi’s original vision, as outlined in a 2021 Medium post titled “All Hail Shiba.” In the post, Ryoshi envisioned a series of localized meetups culminating in an annual global ShibaCon, with Bangkok being one of the proposed locations.

“Some have recommended to follow the DevCon location and schedule as many of us go there and have ShibaCon the week before, whereas others have recommended to follow our own beat. Nevertheless, it has been recommended for the first three years for the sake of global inclusiveness and easily accessible location for global plebs that do not have oppressive visa restrictions, Bangkok 2022, Buenos Aires 2023, and Budapest 2024,” Ryoshi wrote in a now deleted Medium blog.

Ryoshi further expressed his confidence in the community’s ability to organize and grow the event, stating, “This obviously is much organization and growth for it to happen, but I trust the community will take this challenge upon themselves to make it happen.”

With ShibaCon 2024, Kusama and the Shiba Inu team are not only delivering on Ryoshi’s dream but also demonstrating their commitment to the project’s decentralized ethos and community-driven spirit. This event is not merely a conference but a celebration of Shiba Inu’s journey, a testament to its vibrant community, and a glimpse into its promising future.

While specific details have yet to be released, the conference is expected to feature discussions on Shiba Inu’s technological advancements, ecosystem development, and future plans. As anticipation builds for ShibCon 2024, the Shiba Inu community eagerly awaits further details on the agenda, speakers, and activities. 

This inaugural event promises to be a unique and memorable experience.

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