K9 Finance Exceeds Expectations, Secures Major Milestone With Global CEX Integration

July 2, 2024
K9 Finance Exceeds Expectations, Secures Major Milestone With Global CEX Integration

K9 Finance has shattered expectations by securing a major integration with global cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase. This landmark achievement not only marks a significant milestone in the project’s roadmap but also demonstrates the team’s ability to surpass their ambitious goals.

Earlier this week, K9 Finance took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce the integration of $KNINE with Coinbase Wallet. In its post, the team highlighted the enhanced ease and accessibility this integration provides for $KNINE holders, who can now manage their tokens directly within Coinbase Wallet.

The integration with Coinbase Wallet comes on the heels of a series of impressive achievements for K9 Finance. The project has not only met its initial goals but has exceeded them in several areas. 

K9 Finance has not only achieved but exceeded several significant milestones. The $KNINE token is now live on the testnet, with the validator also active on the testnet. Additionally, $KNINE has been deployed on ShibariumNet, and the end-to-end product is fully operational on the testnet.

The token has also been listed on three major exchanges: CoinW, LBank Exchange, and WEEX Official. These listings have significantly increased the token’s visibility and accessibility, allowing a broader range of users to trade and invest in $KNINE.

K9 Finance has established a Shibarium partner program with WEEX Exchange and conducted six successful DAO votes, setting budgets, tax frameworks, and making key decisions. These votes underscore the decentralized and collaborative nature of the K9 Finance ecosystem.

The project has formed strategic partnerships with ETH Toronto and ApeBond, published a research report with Alpha Sigma Fund, and has been featured on national television twice. These accomplishments have substantially boosted K9 Finance’s credibility and visibility in the DeFi space.

In a move to honor Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, K9 Finance burned 410 million $KNINE tokens. The project has also opened its whale chat to holders with 400 million $KNINE, offering monthly perks to these significant stakeholders.

K9 Finance has hosted the first-ever Spaces event with Shibtoken, created marketing partnerships with top industry leaders in DeFi, and launched TikTok and Facebook campaigns. The project has established Vietnamese and Brazilian K9 Unit communities to expand its global reach.

$KNINE has been integrated into more than 12 data platforms, including Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets, and its circulating supply has been verified on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and DEXTools. Additionally, the K9 DAO treasury has been allocated to liquid staking and lending products, and the project has purchased a significant amount of $BONE.

K9 Finance pseudonymous founder and developer Buzz recently expressed his satisfaction with the team’s progress in Q2, stating on Twitter that they “crushed it” for the $KNINE DAO. He also revealed the next step in their roadmap: deploying their developments to the front end for the K9 community, also known as the K9Unit.

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