EXCLUSIVE: Kusama ‘Excited’ for ‘DeFi Dominance’ as K9 Finance Lands a One-Two Punch: WEEX Listing, Shibarium Integration

June 10, 2024

Shytoshi Kusama, the pseudonymous lead developer behind the Shiba Inu crypto project, expressed his excitement for the project’s growing “DeFi dominance” as K9 Finance, a key partner and major player in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, lands a powerful one-two punch. The official liquid staking derivative (LSD) platform on Shibarium, has secured a listing for its $KNINE token on the Singapore-based WEEX exchange while simultaneously announcing the CEX’s groundbreaking integration with the SHIB’s layer-2 network.

The official X (formerly Twitter) account of K9 Finance DAO announced on Monday a significant double victory for the Shiba Inu ecosystem. This strategic move not only opens doors for increased liquidity and trading volume for $KNINE but also positions Shiba Inu as a major player in the decentralized finance arena, a development that has led developer Kusama “excited” for the future.

I’m excited to see more adoption and growth on all things Shib,” Kusama exclusively shared with The Shib Daily. “This collaboration takes one step closer to defi-dominance.”

The collaboration between K9 Finance and WEEX offers exclusive benefits to Shibarium users, including zero trading fees, a 50% trading fee discount forever, and early access to deposits. Trading of $KNINE on WEEX is set to begin on June 11th at 9:30 AM EST. To celebrate this milestone, Shibarium users who sign up to WEEX through the K9 DAO will enjoy a range of benefits, including 0% trading fees effective immediately and a “50% trading fee discount forever.”

Furthermore, WEEX pledged to list more Shibarium projects following its integration on Shiba Inu’s layer-2 platform, signaling a commitment to the growing Shiba Inu ecosystem. This collaboration is further solidified by its sponsorship of ETH Toronto, where it will engage in on-person activities to drive user adoption of Shibarium.

Buzz, the pseudonymous founder and developer of K9 Finance, stated, “With K9 our DAO mission is to bring DeFi to Shibarium, and as an official Shibarium development advocate, we felt this was a great way to bring more adoption to the chain. It will bring more opportunities to projects on Shibarium who want to list their project on exchange,” the K9 Finance founder said.

Right now, Gate is the only prominent exchange that integrates the chain and it is used as a bridge for many users as well to bridge their assets over to Shibarium. Weex integrating Shibarium is another pathway for users to get onto Shibarium, and for projects already on Shibarium to get more exposure.

K9 Finance’s commitment to bringing WEEX to Shibarium fulfills a core promise in its partnershib with Shiba Inu. The move embodies the ethos of Ryoshi, Shiba Inu’s pseudonymous creator, who emphasized the importance of honoring and protecting the Shiba brand. By facilitating the WEEX integration, K9 Finance expands the utility of the Shiba Inu token and provides a platform for other legitimate Shibarium projects to flourish.

This strategic approach aligns perfectly with Ryoshi’s vision:

My job, my job is to defend the line and the brand. From the beginning, it is always the same. SHIBA is SHIBA. That is all. Anybody who comes and honors the Shiba walks equal with me. Anybody who comes and attempts to leech from the Shiba is a scammer and placed into exile. Thankfully, there are some that had the ears to listen and heard the call and effect became Shiba with us. Some are named and you know some are unnamed and equally important. What matters is that we are united in the core of the vision, being Shiba as the pure actualization of a decentralized and perpetual community.”

WEEX, a top-30 exchange on CoinMarketCap with an audited Proof-of-Reserves, boasts 3 million users concentrated in China, India, Turkey, and Korea, offering both spot and futures markets.

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