Coin98 Announcement: Shib Names Now Supported for Secure Multi-Chain Transactions

July 1, 2024

Coin98, a DeFi platform that offers services on multiple blockchains, now supports *SHIB names, according to an announcement on X (formerly Twitter). This grants users the ability to utilize their *SHIB names across different chains and manage and transfer digital assets.

The ability to deal across multiple chains with one Web3 identity is a major development for the Shiba Inu (SHIB) project, representing a crucial component of the development team’s vision.

“Coin98 Super Wallet now supports *VIC, *CORE, and *SHIB names from @D3inc – an identity service for top Web3 communities,” the announcement on X read. It added that users can now “easily send, receive, and store” their favorite cryptocurrencies and NFTs using their *SHIB names by downloading the Coin98 Super Wallet.

The news of Coin98’s latest move has D3 feeling optimistic about its collaborative effort with the multiservice DeFi platform. “@D3inc🤝 @Coin98_Wallet. We’re excited to share the integration of D3 Connect with Coin98 Wallet, giving over 10 million users the ability to seamlessly send and receive assets using their Viction, Core or Shib Names!” D3, a leading identity service provider for top Web3 communities and an official partner of Shiba Inu, tweeted on X.

Shib Names is an innovative name service that allows users to create personalized usernames featuring the “*shib” suffix for a personalized touch recognizable within the Shiba Inu community. Also known as name tokens, *SHIB names provide numerous useful features, including interoperability across hundreds of EVM-compatible blockchains and cross-platform capabilities for DeFi, GameFi, social media, and more.

Launched in early March, Shib Names saw an overwhelming response, with thousands of names purchased on its first day of sales. This level of enthusiasm from the Shiba Inu community reflects what Shytoshi Kusama, the project’s lead developer, said during the same period about community members having a unique, decentralized identity: “Remember .com? Yeah, because decades later, it is still the standard. So, imagine if there was a new way to express yourself in the new Shib world? *Shib can get there, but only with your help. Will you show the world you stood for decentralization and a better world? Or naw?”

Coin98’s integration of Shib Names into its platform could be a groundbreaking move that demonstrates a significant step in the adoption of secure Web3 identity systems. With its mission to efficiently and securely connect a billion users to the crypto world, Coin98 Super Wallet, the platform’s first non-custodial wallet, was designed to streamline user interaction on DeFi protocols across multiple blockchains.

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