D3’s Shib Names See Strong Initial Response

March 12, 2024

The Shiba Inu ecosystem is abuzz with the launch of Shib Names, a custom domain service, that took place on March 6. The innovative project, in partnership with D3, allows users to create personalized usernames ending in “*shib,” offering a unique way to represent themselves within the growing Shiba Inu community.

According to D3, a leader in securing custom Top-Level Domains (TLDs) for blockchain communities, SHIB Names has seen a strong initial response. Users rushed to secure creative and memorable names like “myshib,” “toyshib,” and “wagmi*shib” (an acronym for “We’re All Gonna Make It”).

The first day of sales for Shib Names saw thousands purchased, with the notable example of ‘my*shib’ selling for an impressive $2,000, as per D3.

Standard Shib Name registration starts at an affordable $10 per year, with premium tiers offering various features priced between $50 and $9,000 annually. The versatile D3 platform accepts both fiat and crypto payments, including the $SHIB token.

Standing Out in the Crowd: Choosing Your Shibdentity

D3 Global, the partner behind Shib Names, recently offered guidance for users navigating the registration process:

  1. Define Your Purpose: Consider how you’ll use your #ShibName. Will it be your anonymous crypto wallet address or your public online persona within the Shiba Inu world?
  2. Pick a Category: Explore options like first and last names (e.g., johnshib), common words (e.g., starshib), popular memes (e.g., degenshib), or even lucky numbers (e.g., 007shib).
  3. Brainstorm and Check Availability: Make a list of desired names, keeping in mind some might already be taken.
  4. The Radio Test: Say your chosen name aloud. Can someone easily spell it after hearing it once? Clarity is key!
  5. Bulk Search and AI Assistance: D3 allows searching up to ten names at a time, and their AI Smart Search suggests alternatives if your initial choices are unavailable.
  6. Finalize and Secure Your Shibdentity: Once you’ve identified your perfect name, complete the checkout process. Don’t miss out on the Early Access discount! Use code “69420” to save 69% on your first cart of up to 20 #ShibNames.

A Pioneering Move in Decentralized Identity

SHIB Names marks a significant step toward establishing user-owned, decentralized identities within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The initiative, coupled with D3’s collaboration with other Web3 projects to pursue dedicated TLDs paves the way for a future where users control their online identities across the decentralized web.

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