AIRian x LEASH – Exclusive $AIRdrop Event: Eligibility Verification Extended!

June 27, 2024
AIRian x LEASH - Exclusive $AIRdrop Event: Eligibility Verification Extended!

AIRIAN and Shiba Inu have decided to extend the eligibility verification period for the “AIRian x LEASH – Exclusive $AIRdrop” event, following overwhelming demand from the community. The event offers participants a chance to win a share of a prize pool consisting of 20 AIR Bombs (NODES) and 100,000 $AIR tokens.

Participation Requirements:

To be eligible for this exclusive event, individuals must hold LEASH tokens within a designated timeframe: from June 26, 2024, 23:00 GMT+08:00 to July 6, 2024, 17:00 GMT+08:00. Both staked LEASH tokens and those utilized within ShibaSwap Liquidity Provider (SSLP) pools are recognized and included in determining eligibility, maximizing the opportunities for participation.

Gamified Engagement:

More than just holding LEASH, this AIRdrop event is also a gamified experience on the Galxe platform. Participants can increase their chances of winning a share of the 100,000 $AIR tokens by completing various quests. Participants can complete various quests to earn 30 Galxe points:

  • Become an AIRian Glaxe Space User
  • Follow @Air_airofficial on Twitter
  • Like the event tweet
  • Retweet the event tweet
  • Quote the event tweet and tag 3 friends using the hashtags #AIRian #AIR #Shibarmy

Even if you don’t currently hold LEASH tokens, there’s still time to participate. Simply acquire and hold at least 1 LEASH token before July 6,17:00 GMT+08:00, to become eligible for this exciting opportunity to win your share of $AIR tokens and potentially an AIR Bomb (NODE).

Exclusive Node Giveaway:

Beyond the AIR token rewards, the event features a special draw where 20 lucky LEASH holders will be randomly selected to receive 1 AIR Bomb (NODE) each. These coveted nodes are not merely tokens; they are keys to unlocking a range of exclusive privileges and enhanced engagement within the thriving AIRian ecosystem. This offers a unique opportunity for LEASH holders to deepen their involvement and reap greater benefits from this collaborative venture.

To ensure a safe and secure experience, AIRian has urged all participants to interact exclusively with official channels and exercise caution when encountering any information or requests outside these channels. Users should also be wary of unsolicited messages or offers that may be attempts at phishing or scams. Moreover, always double-check the authenticity of any communication and never share your private keys or sensitive information with anyone.

The collaboration between AIRian and Shiba Inu is a crucial moment in the crypto world, highlighting a convergence of innovation and community-driven growth. This strategic partnership leverages the unique strengths of both ecosystems, promising mutual benefits for both projects and their dedicated supporters.

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