Tutti Frutti Women Launches Ebook as NFT on Shibarium

May 13, 2024

Tutti Frutti Women (TFW) is set to make waves in the digital realm with the launch of its ebook as an NFT on Shibarium, offering a distinctive fusion of empowerment and philanthropy. 

Founded by Andreia, a visionary entrepreneur, TFW aims to inspire and support individuals on their journey to triumph over adversity.

In an exclusive interview with The Shib Daily, Andreia shared insights into the decision to embrace the NFT format. “We decided to launch the ebook as an NFT to give a fun, easy, and unique experience to the community,” she explained. “And of course, we did it on Shibarium to ensure faster transactions and lower fees. It’s all about making things smooth and enjoyable for everyone involved!”

The minting process reflects TFW’s commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. “For the holders of Tutti Frutti Women, minting is a breeze,” Andreia emphasized. “They’ve already received their ebook NFT through an airdrop. All they need to do is access the platform to unlock the hidden content, and the same goes for all future holders.” As for the public, minting on Shibarium is both easy and affordable, costing just 5 $BONE. Moreover, using a referral link from one of TFW’s affiliates entitles individuals to a 10% discount, fostering community engagement and collaboration.

The ebook itself is a testament to resilience, featuring motivational messages from cancer survivors and interactive elements such as QR codes and hyperlinks. “Each page in the ebook features a motivational message from a cancer survivor, along with a QR code to their social media profile,” Andreia elaborated. “Additionally, there are hyperlinks embedded in the ebook, allowing easy access to their profiles directly from the digital platform.” This multifaceted approach not only celebrates the triumphs of survivors but also facilitates connections and support within the community.

Proceeds from the NFT sales will be allocated with purpose and compassion. “As promised to the community, 50% of proceeds will go back to our community, while the remaining 50% will be donated to Tutti Cancer Warriors, our soon-to-be-established non-profit,” Andreia affirmed.

As Tutti Frutti Women prepares to showcase its innovative venture at the NFC Summit in Lisbon, its ebook NFT stands as a beacon of hope, unity, and empowerment in the digital landscape.

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