Founder of NFT Project on Shibarium Receives ‘Shib Army Legend’ Title; Mantra Enables TFW Direct Minting 

May 6, 2024

Andreia, the pseudonymous founder of TFW (Tutti Frutti Women), an NFT project on Shibarium, was given the prestigious recognition ‘Shib Army Legend’ and is now a part of the prestigious club. Alongside this commendation, the NFT project further garnered additional approval now that people can mint directly on Mantra Protocol, underscoring its growing significance within the digital asset landscape.

Over the weekend, a notable announcement from a Shib Army OG, @NoOneHasSpoken, brought attention to the induction of the TFW founder into the esteemed Shib Army Legend Club. Described as ‘supporting an amazing cause and leading by example,’ the founder’s inclusion underscores her embodiment of the Shib Army ethos. Each step forward not only uplifts fellow members but also serves as an inspiration to a wider audience.

In response to a query from The Shib Daily, Andreia’s reaction overflowed with profound gratitude and astonishment. She articulated, “Wow, I’m just blown away! The ShibArmy has been my steadfast companion throughout this web3 journey.” 

The TFW founder added, “Witnessing our unity, driven by the fervor for the Ryoshi vision, is incredibly inspiring. Each member of our Shib Army is a hero in my eyes, so being recognized as a Shib Army Legend by this legendary community is an honor I’ll treasure indefinitely.”

She further said, “I extend my sincerest gratitude to each and every one of you. Whether you’re a familiar face or silently supporting from afar, your unwavering dedication is not overlooked. To all those who carry the vision with them wherever they go—you’re all exceptional legends.” Her words resounded with a genuine appreciation for the Shib Army and their collective dedication to Ryoshi’s vision.

Following this prestigious recognition, Mantra Protocol announced its support for TFW, stating, “The Mantra MINT button has been added for the Tutti Frutti Women #NFT collection!” This declaration highlighted a significant partnership between Mantra Protocol and TFW, enhancing accessibility and functionality for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Andreia responded enthusiastically when asked about TFW’s direct minting on Mantra, conveying her appreciation for the partnership. “Our community had been clamoring for direct minting on Mantra, given its support for a variety of wallets beyond just Metamask. The Mantra team exceeded our expectations with their rapid and comprehensive assistance,” she noted. 

“Now, thanks to their swift action and support, Tutti Frutti Women can be seamlessly minted on Mantra. A massive shoutout to the incredible Mantra team for their instrumental role in making this a reality!” Her remarks epitomized the fruitful collaboration between TFW and Mantra, emphasizing the newfound accessibility for collectors using diverse wallet options.

Andreia embodies the ethos of “We are all Ryoshi” through her leadership and the significant impact of the TFW project not only within the Shib ecosystem but to the world outside the community. Her induction into the Shib Army Legend Club and the recognition of TFW by the broader community underscore the collaborative and inclusive nature of the Shib Army. 

Andreia’s acknowledgment of each community member as a hero and her expression of gratitude towards the collective support she has received illustrate Ryoshi’s decentralized leadership model. Everyone is a leader and a follower in their own right, contributing uniquely to the growth and success of the community.

This phrase is thus a powerful reminder of the shared responsibility and mutual respect that fuel the Shib Army, making every individual a part of the continuous evolution of their community, much like Ryoshi envisioned. Through collective effort and mutual support, each member is recognized not just for their achievements but as a crucial part of a larger, united vision. 

This unity and shared identity are what Andreia celebrates and reinforces in her response, highlighting the deep connection between the Shib Army’s motivating force and the principle that “We are all Ryoshi.”

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