Shib Army on Alert After Lead Developer’s Surprise Visit to Original BONE Telegram Account

May 12, 2024

The Shib Army stands vigilant as whispers ripple through the community following a surprise visit by the lead developer to the original BONE Telegram account. The unexpected appearance has ignited speculation among Shib enthusiasts, signaling potential shifts in the project’s trajectory and leaving members all ears

Cryptic Posts Stir Community Speculation

The Shib Army finds itself in a sense of sharpened anticipation after one of its original members, @Sand_ShibArmy, revealed a surprising development: Shiba Inu’s lead developer Shytoshi Kusama made an unexpected visit to one of the oldest BONE community accounts on Telegram. Following this visit, Kusama’s cryptic messages — “Quiet I see” and “Wonder how long that will be” — stirred speculation among the community, fueling anticipation for further insights.

The post on @Sand_ShibArmy’s X account has generated widespread attention and speculation among SHIB enthusiasts, underscoring the depth of interest within the Shib Army community regarding the surprise visit of its leader. This heightened level of engagement reflects the community’s eagerness to dissect and interpret every aspect of the moment, demonstrating the passionate dedication of Shib supporters to stay informed and involved in the project’s developments.

Previous Visits Preceded Major Developments

Kusama’s unexpected appearance on the old BONE Telegram channel followed closely on the heels of his recent visit to the Shibarium Tech channel last Friday. During this visit, he cryptically stated, “Lurking quietly,” followed by “Silently lol.” 

The enigmatic nature of these messages only deepened the intrigue surrounding his presence within the community. Furthermore, when a member acknowledged Kusama’s presence and expressed well wishes, Kusama responded with a succinct “very,” seemingly acknowledging the member’s sentiment. 

These interactions add layers of complexity to Kusama’s engagement with the community, fueling speculation and discussion among Shib enthusiasts.

Kusama’s periodic visits to different official Telegram channels for brief interactions have become somewhat of a pattern within the Shiba Inu community. Despite their brevity, each visit sparks speculation among community members, reminiscent of the anticipation preceding major announcements. 

The community’s speculation is not unfounded; the last time Kusama engaged in such interactions, was during Token 2049 in Dubai and it preceded significant developments for the Shiba Inu project. At that time, the Shiba Inu development team announced a substantial fundraising round of $12 million from various venture capital firms. 

Following this announcement, plans were unveiled for the development of an L3 Privacy Chain utilizing Fully Homomorphic Encryption technology. Given this historical context, the community’s speculation regarding a potential major announcement on the horizon is understandable, fueling anticipation and excitement among Shib enthusiasts.

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