Shytoshi Kusama Expresses Gratitude for Crypto Mogul’s Positive Recognition of Shiba Inu

May 2, 2024

Shytoshi Kusama has stepped forward to express profound appreciation as Shiba Inu gained recognition from a notable figure in the cryptocurrency realm.

This comment solidifies Shiba Inu’s position as a cornerstone within the meme coin sector, while Kusama’s heartfelt acknowledgment of it underscores the collective dedication fueling the token’s ascent in the digital asset landscape

Kusama, the enigmatic and pseudonymous leader carrying the torch passed on by Ryoshi, the creator of Shiba Inu, embarked on a journey marked by sacrifice and dedication to nurture the entrusted project. His leadership, marked by bold yet strategic decisions and innovative and forward-thinking initiatives, transformed SHIB, initially perceived as just another entrant in the crowded crypto market, into a movement. A movement represented by a supportive community, the Shib Army, known as one of the most robust, active and fierce crypto communities in the world.

But the recognition of Shiba Inu as a major force in the cryptocurrency world has been widespread, thanks to its very active lead developer who has been working on a bunch of initiatives to ensure the vision of Ryoshi will come to fruition. And Shiba Inu was recently recognized by one of the crypto moguls, Justin Sun.

At the recent Token 2049 in Dubai, Sun, a luminary in the crypto universe and the founder of TRON, delivered remarks that cast meme coins not just as financial instruments but as pivotal community-driven entities. He emphasized their unique position in drawing a contrast to the traditional finance sector, underscoring a valuation that bewilders many and captivates even more. 

Sun’s commentary set an affirming backdrop for the likes of Shiba Inu, championing the broader acceptance and understanding of meme coins within the financial landscape. Shy, as he is fondly called by the Shib Army, in a candid response to Sun’s commendation, expressed a blend of professional gratitude and personal nostalgia. 

“One of the first cryptos I fell in love with was Tron. So to see such a positive sentiment from Justin is heartwarming. Hoping one day we can catch up for tea,” Kusama told with The Shib Daily on Thursday.

This statement not only underscores the mutual respect among crypto pioneers but also highlights Kusama’s humble acknowledgment of his beginnings and inspirations within the crypto world. His words weave a narrative of interconnectedness and mutual admiration that resonates deeply within the community-centric ethos of Shiba Inu.

In addition to acknowledging SHIB’s dominance in the meme coin realm, Sun made a noteworthy observation regarding the staggering market valuations of meme coins, hovering around a whopping $10 billion, a figure that might baffle the mavens of traditional finance. For them, comprehending the rationale behind such astronomical valuations might be akin to deciphering an enigma.

“Meme coins may seem unconventional, but they highlight the power of community in crypto. Building a successful project, meme-based or not, takes dedication,” Sun said recently.

Delving deeper, Sun attributed the meteoric rise in the value of meme coins to two factors: robust community engagement and the principle of “fair launch.” This fair launch concept entails the distribution of coins in a manner that ensures egalitarian access for all, sans any pre-mining or preferential allocation to insiders. Such an approach cultivates a profound sense of involvement and ownership among members of the community, propelling the meme coin phenomenon to unprecedented heights.

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