Shibarium Tech Admin Challenges Misinformation, Emphasizes Devs’ Shib-Burn Commitment

May 6, 2024

“We are all Ryoshi,” a mantra coined by the enigmatic creator of Shiba Inu, continues to resonate within the community.

Recently, DaVinci, the pseudonymous administrator of Shibarium Tech’s Discord and Telegram channels, echoed this sentiment. In a bold statement, DaVinci addressed critics who questioned the developers’ commitment to delivering the promised auto-burn feature.

He admonished these critics, pointing out their hypocrisy in selfishly demanding features while neglecting their role in promoting Shibarium, the ecosystem’s layer-2 scalability solution.

The Shibarium Tech administrator’s statement was widely shared by several Shib Army OGs on X (formerly Twitter) over the weekend, quickly gaining traction within the community. Addressing the community’s questions and concerns regarding the Shib Burn commitment, DaVinci highlighted the significant burns that have already taken place. 

“Yes, developers talked [about] significant burns, as THOUSANDS of people were screaming WEN SHIBARIUM,” He said. “So, before you ask where the fulfilled promises are, ask where all the people screaming wen Shibarium went,” Davinci said conveying a sense of accountability, while encouraging a more thoughtful approach to understanding the context of unfulfilled expectations.

Additionally, DaVinci revealed that in March, billions of SHIB were intentionally removed from circulation permanently because of Shibarium activities, a commitment fulfilled by the developers. He stressed the importance of community engagement in Shibarium to witness these burns, as they are tied to the blockchain’s activities. Further, DaVinci took aim at those following influencers disseminating inaccurate information, urging the community to focus on promoting Shibarium instead. 

“Autoburns still require activity on Shibarium. So, instead of following influencers who spread nonsense about using Shib as gas for Ethereum, try spreading the word to use Shibarium,” the Shibarium Tech administrator added, before adding sarcastically, (“Yes, Vitalik will dump all the Ethereum holders because a bunch of uneducated influencers requested it. Check how many Ethereum holders there are heavy sarcasm) EDUCATE YOUR SELF. Thank you.”

DaVinci’s statement referenced a trend on X where multiple accounts were urging Vitalik Buterin to consider using SHIB as the gas fee token for Ethereum, rather than the blockchain’s native token Ether (ETH).

Another OG Shib Army reacted to the ongoing call for Buterin to replace ETH with SHIB. User @NoOneHasSpoken emphasized that directing anger or demands at Vitalik Buterin achieves nothing and reflects poorly on the ShibArmy. He dismissed the idea that Buterin would suddenly abandon Ethereum to pump SHIB tokens, comparing it to the unlikely scenario of the U.S. replacing the USD with SHIB. 

Moreover, his statement urged people to focus on actions that benefit the Shib ecosystem, such as spreading positive awareness, using Shibarium, and generating transactions with Bone gas to burn SHIB tokens. He also highlighted that increasing demand and reducing supply are key to sustainable price growth while spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) only harms Shib’s reputation and discourages potential users and investors.

In this context, Ryoshi’s statement, “We are all Ryoshi” could be about the idea that everyone in the community has a role to play in the development and success of the Shib ecosystem. It suggests that each member, regardless of their specific role or influence, contributes to the overall progress and evolution of Shibarium and the Shib token.

This statement emphasizes the importance of community engagement and collaboration, highlighting that everyone can make a difference in advancing the goals of the project.

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