Anticipation Builds: Shiba Inu’s Kusama Sneaks In a Book Update Amid Hectic Schedule

March 15, 2024

Within the tempest of their bustling schedule and professional commitments, Shytoshi Kusama, the enigmatic lead developer of the Shib ecosystem, has skillfully carved out a moment to offer a crucial glimpse into the progress of his eagerly awaited book.

First unveiled amidst fervent excitement last August, Kusama’s forthcoming book, 44 Tenets To Triumph In Crypto: An Insider’s Perspective, promises a unique journey blending ancient wisdom with cutting-edge cryptocurrency insights, all from the distinctive vantage point of a revered crypto visionary.

However, amid the mounting anticipation and the community’s eagerness to dive into Kusama’s wisdom, here comes a twist in the tale: the book’s release will be delayed. It is an unexpected development that has put a pause to the palpable excitement that was building up among members of the Shib Army and the wider crypto community.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Shib, Kusama disclosed that a delay had occurred due to an error in the book’s updating process on Amazon that led to the cancellation of its pre-order, necessitating a reset of the manuscript.

This unexpected setback has prompted a shift in release strategy, with Kusama hinting at a new unveiling either just before the book’s completion or amid the final touches. Despite this hiccup, Kusama remains resolute, assuring enthusiasts that the book will see the light by late April (wink), or at the latest, May.

The Shiba Inu visionary lead developer also admitted that the plan has been thwarted by a serendipitous whirlwind of positive developments for the Shib ecosystem. These welcome yet unexpected events during the incipient crypto bull run have demanded Kusama’s full attention, sidelining the book’s progress.

Those who pre-ordered via Amazon will receive refunds, while the signed copies are still in play, and Kusama advised enthusiasts to stay tuned to The Shib and The Daily Shib for updates on the book’s pre-order status, adding, “Obviously I’ll put another announcement out when it’s complete and back in the pre-order status.”

With a glimpse into the book’s content, Kusama revealed the focus on historical examples illustrating the importance of key tenets like trust, collaboration, and strategic foresight in navigating crypto’s volatile terrain.

“The context is that it will center around historical examples of the 44 tenets to prove how important it is to utilize some of these tenets, like trust no one, stick with a good dev when you find one, always leave bread crumbs… things like that,” the visionary lead developer shared.

Moreover, the book offers practical exercises aimed at equipping readers to protect themselves in crypto. Kusama’s excitement is palpable as he shared that “the book is all about the reader being able to protect themselves during the bull market that we are entering. And then how to prepare for the bear market.”

The Shiba Inu lead developer shared their excitement about the book, which they described as “the first of its kind” since it is written “from an insider’s perspective.”

In a heartfelt acknowledgment loaded with sincere appreciation, Kusama extended his gratitude toward the patient and supportive community that has stood by him as he navigated the twin aims of advancing the Shib ecosystem and finalizing his book.

“I just want to thank everybody who’s been patient with me as I move to complete this (book) and everything that I’m doing for the SHIB. I’m really excited to showcase to the world that we’re more than a meme and that we’re very serious about building this idea of a network state, taking this theoretical concept into fruition.”

Kusama also hinted at a “nice little surprise” awaiting those who have put down money on his signed book, adding a dash of anticipation and mystery to the launch. The details of this surprise remain under wraps—typical Kusama style.

In a parting directive, Kusama urged everyone to remain attuned to the latest developments within the Shib ecosystem, encouraging those who haven’t followed them yet on X (formerly Twitter) to click that “follow” button so they can learn about the book’s progress.

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