Crypto? Who's That? The Trump-Biden Debate That Forgot the Future!

Crypto? Who’s That? The Trump-Biden Debate That Forgot the Future!

June 29, 2024

Hold onto your lambo keys, folks! We’re diving into the riveting discourse that’s been sweeping the nation… or rather, the echo chamber of crypto Twitter. Forget the impending climate crisis or the existential dread of AI, the real question is, why didn’t Trump or Biden include crypto in their talk-of-the-world 90-minute debate that gave the internet a plethora of memes?

Welcome to the meme-tastic world of crypto satire, where the absurd is dissected with glee! 🎉 Last Thursday, the world tuned in to watch the grand debate between White House aspirants Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Spoiler alert: not a single word about crypto. Yes, you read that right. The crypto community raised millions for the U.S. presidential elections, but our beloved candidates didn’t spare a breath on Bitcoin, blockchain, or anything remotely crypto-related. 🤯

Despite a whopping $202.8 million raised by crypto-backed super PACs and $93.6 million spent to influence the 2024 elections, our crypto champions were left out in the cold. The debate, hosted by CNN, covered economic plans, abortion rights, immigration, and foreign policy. It even had time to touch on the mental capabilities of Joe, 81, and Donald, 78, the oldest candidates to ever run for president. But crypto? Crickets. 🦗

Trump has been vocal about ending what he calls Biden’s “war on crypto” and even held a cozy meeting with Bitcoin miners in June, promising to make cryptocurrency “made in America.” But when the spotlight was on, the topic was mysteriously absent. Was this just another campaign stunt? Is he really the savior of crypto, or just another politician playing the crowd?

Meanwhile, Joe seems to be softening his stance on crypto, despite the SEC’s relentless regulation-by-enforcement spree. Is this a genuine shift in policy or just a calculated move to win over the crypto-savvy voters? Are we seeing real change, or just another layer of political performance?

Why didn’t crypto make the cut? Was it a strategic omission, or do our candidates genuinely not understand the importance of this burgeoning industry? Are their campaign stunts rallying behind crypto just that – stunts? And the million-dollar question: Are politicians merely using crypto as a shiny object to attract votes?

A Thought to Ponder: Trust Issues 🧐

As the saying goes, trusting politicians is like asking a fox to guard the henhouse. Are we being led by genuine leaders or skilled actors? Is crypto just a prop in their grand performance, or is there a real commitment to this technological revolution?

Fellow crypto enthusiasts, as we sift through the debate debris, let’s keep our wits as sharp as our memes. In this wild world of digital currency, staying curious and skeptical is our best defense against the circus of politics. 🎭📈💥

Warning: This article may cause spontaneous laughter and/or unexpected philosophical pondering. Side effects may include questioning everything you thought you knew about politics (and maybe even life itself). This article is for laughs, not votes. Any political leanings detected are purely your own.

We, the humble creators of this article, solemnly swear that no political figures were harmed (or endorsed) in the making of this masterpiece. Please enjoy responsibly (and try not to start any debates at the dinner table).

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