Shiba Inu Makes Inroads with Inclusion in CF Benchmarks’ Large Cap Index

June 4, 2024

Shiba Inu (SHIB), the popular altcoin with a loyal doggo army, has notched a significant win by being included in CF Benchmarks’ Large Cap Asset Index. This move signifies a growing recognition for SHIB within the institutional investment sphere.

CF Benchmarks is a well-respected provider of institutional-grade cryptocurrency benchmarks. Its Large Cap Asset Index tracks the performance of the top digital assets by market capitalization, offering a broad gauge of the cryptocurrency market’s health. Inclusion in this index positions SHIB alongside established giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum, lending it a legitimacy it previously lacked.

The news comes amid a period when Shiba Inu recently made it to the top 10 cryptocurrencies and remains one of the top-ranked altcoins by market cap. Now the inclusion in the CF Benchmarks index could signal a turning point. Here’s why:

  • Increased Institutional Interest: CF Benchmarks caters primarily to institutional investors. SHIB’s presence on the Large Cap Asset Index exposes it to a wider pool of potential investors, particularly those seeking diversified exposure to the cryptocurrency market. This could lead to increased buying pressure and price stability for SHIB.
  • Enhanced Credibility: Inclusion in a reputable benchmark like CF’s validates SHIB’s project and its long-term potential. This can boost investor confidence, both institutional and retail, further solidifying SHIB’s position in the cryptocurrency landscape.
  • Benchmarking and Performance Tracking: CF Benchmarks’ indices are used by investment firms to track performance and measure portfolio allocation. SHIB’s inclusion allows for easier comparison with other large-cap assets, facilitating informed investment decisions.

Lastly, the move by CF Benchmarks represents a significant step forward for SHIB. It acknowledges the growing importance of altcoins within the cryptocurrency ecosystem and paves the way for wider institutional adoption. 

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