Shibarium Team Urges Caution and Due Diligence in the Crypto Sphere

June 3, 2024

The Shibarium Tech Admin has raised a note of caution to all users of Shiba Inu’s Layer 2 platform, emphasizing the critical importance of conducting thorough, independent research (DYOR) in a recent advisory. 

This call to action underscores the need for investors to move beyond the influence of well-known personalities and focus on evaluating the true technical merits and potential demand of projects within the Shibarium ecosystem.

The Shibarium Team via DaVinci, its pseudonymous administrator of Shibarium Tech’s Discord and Telegram channels, has issued a statement urging users to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making any investment decisions in the cryptocurrency market. This advice comes amid a series of high-profile endorsements and subsequent collapses of certain crypto projects, underscoring the need for a critical evaluation of each venture’s long-term viability.

“Despite the allure of quick gains and the endorsements of prominent figures within the community, it is imperative to focus on the technical aspects and the true potential of the projects under consideration,” the Shibarium Team said. They emphasized that the longevity and resilience of a project are far more telling than the initial hype it may generate.

The team also warned against individuals with a track record of launching unsuccessful projects, advising the community to be vigilant and to look for red flags that may indicate a lack of a solid foundation. “Before diving into a new project, it is essential to ask critical questions about its attributes, market demand, community support, and funding,” they added.

In their statement, shared on X by the Shib Army who uses the handle @bhobponce, the Shibarium Team encouraged users to delve into the technical merits of projects, such as scalability, security protocols, and the feasibility of roadmaps. They highlighted the importance of the team’s expertise and commitment to navigating the complex blockchain landscape.

The Shibarium Team concluded their message by reminding users that investing in cryptocurrency is a long-term journey fraught with risks. “Never invest more than you can afford to lose,” they cautioned, advocating for informed and prudent decision-making as the key to success in the crypto space.

The proliferation of scams in the online cryptocurrency space has become an alarming trend, with unsuspecting users often falling victim to fraudulent schemes. These scams are frequently propagated by influencers who leverage their large followings to promote dubious projects. 

Driven by a fear of missing out (FOMO) on potential high returns, many investors, swayed by the apparent credibility and enthusiasm of these influencers, invest without conducting their own due diligence. This intense FOMO, coupled with the perceived trustworthiness of influencers, leads users to invest hastily, only to find themselves entangled in schemes that lack substance and security, ultimately resulting in significant financial losses.

This underscores the necessity for individual research and skepticism, regardless of who is endorsing a project.

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