Shiba Inu and Altcoins Set for $1 Trillion Altseason Boom, Says Seasoned Crypto Investor

May 30, 2024
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Seasoned crypto investor Jelle, who uses the X handle @CryptoJelleNL, sent a wave of excitement coursing through the crypto-verse with his recent tweet: “#Altcoins are about to remind everyone what a real bull market looks like. We have seen nothing yet.”

Jelle’s prediction hinges on the possibility of a full-blown alt season, a period where altcoins (alternative coins to Bitcoin) experience a significant surge in price and market dominance, potentially leading to a $1 trillion boom. The bullish sentiment comes amid a strong performance by Shiba Inu (SHIB) surpassing Cardano (ADA) in market capitalization.

Notably, after a prolonged crypto winter, the altcoin market is showing signs of life. The total crypto market cap nearly doubled in 2023, sparking renewed optimism. Altcoins, often overshadowed by Bitcoin and Ethereum, are poised for a comeback.

Understanding Altcoins and Altseasons

Altcoins represent the vast and ever-growing landscape of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin. From Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, to niche tokens powering specific projects, altcoins cater to a diverse range of purposes. An altseason (or alt season), therefore, signifies a period where investor attention and capital shift toward these altcoins, leading to substantial price increases across the board.

These altseasons are often cyclical, following periods of Bitcoin dominance. Investors, having profited from Bitcoin’s rise, may look to diversify their portfolios by allocating funds to altcoins with the potential for even higher returns. This increased demand can propel altcoin prices upwards, creating a snowball effect that attracts further investment.

Jelle’s prediction hinges on several factors. The overall health of the cryptocurrency market, positive regulatory developments, and genuine utility offered by altcoin projects can all contribute to an altseason. While Jelle’s prediction of a $1 trillion boom is optimistic, history suggests that altseasons can be lucrative periods for investors.

The year 2017, for instance, was a time of explosive growth for the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, the dominant cryptocurrency at the time, saw its market share decline from 56.5% to 52.6%, opening the door for altcoins to take a larger share of the market.

This surge in altcoins was fueled by two main factors. The first factor was the rise of initial coin offerings (ICOs). ICOs provided a new way for blockchain projects to raise capital by selling their own digital tokens. This led to a surge in the creation of new altcoins, which attracted a significant amount of investment and speculative interest from the market.

The second factor driving the altcoin surge was a dramatic rise in altcoin prices. In 2017, many altcoins reached record highs, pushing the total market capitalization of altcoins to over $600 billion. Well-established altcoins like Ethereum and Ripple (XRP) achieved all-time highs during this period.

Disclaimer: Violet has no crypto positions and does not hold any crypto assets. This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice.

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