Pixelverse: A Cyberpunk Quest with SocialFi Ambitions

May 29, 2024

Pixelverse emerges as a new player in the world of cyberpunk web browser games, featuring quest-based gameplay, social features, and a “risk-to-earn” model.

Inspired by the popular Pixels.xyz, Pixelverse is carving its own niche with a focus on accessibility, and social engagement. Pixelverse founders Kori Leon and Mamad shared insights into this groundbreaking project in an interview with The Shib Daily.

While inspired by Pixels.xyz, Pixelverse carves its own niche by incorporating social features. “We are quite different,” says Kori Leon, co-founder of Pixelverse. “We don’t just focus on gaming. We’re a SocialFi project.”

Mamad, another co-founder, emphasizes their community-driven approach. “There’s similarity, but we’re totally different. Our vision is to create a very accessible game for worldwide players to start earning their first crypto.”

Engaging Gameplay with Risk and Reward

Pixelverse offers a unique “risk-to-earn” mechanic, incentivizing players through competitive battles. “Video games are about creating emotions,” explains Mamad. “We’re implementing mechanics to make our games much more engaging.”

Players can stake their $PIXFI tokens in battles, and victors claim their opponent’s tokens, adding a layer of strategic risk-and-reward system.

The Pixelverse team boasts a proven track record. “Our team is composed of former team members from Binance listing, Trust Wallet, Binance NFT, YGG, Zerion, Step App, and more,” says Leon. “We’ve been in crypto for almost a decade and believe it’s time for real user adoption.”

Their vision extends beyond the game itself. “We’re building the most robust and expandable 2D game across platforms: web browser and Telegram Mini App,” says Mamad.

Pixelverse offers three live products: a Light Demo, a Game Dashboard, and a Telegram minigame. “All the products are interconnected,” explains Mamad. “We cater to different audiences, offering options for extensive gameplay or quick, on-the-go sessions via our Telegram Mini App.”

Outpacing the Competition: Pixelverse’s Rapid Growth

The game has garnered impressive traction with over 200,000 daily active users (DAU) and over 7 million website visits and 200 games being played every minute. When asked about their player acquisition strategies, Mamad simply stated, “We constantly talk to the community and improve our products every week.”

While Pixelverse boasts a strong community, Pixels.xyz still holds a larger user base. This, however, is not an impediment to the team’s vision for the project. “Our growth in the first two months is much higher than Pixels’ early days,” assures Kori. “We’ll keep focusing on building cool games that people [will] use.”

PIXFI Token: Utility in Pixelverse and Pixelchain

The PIXFI token, which is not yet live, will have various utilities within the game. “The token will be used for crafting robots, battling, buying and selling NFTs,” explains Kori. PIXFI will also be the main coin fueling the Pixelchain, where staking will also be available for holders.

When asked about the difference between tokens earned through battles and those obtained through farming, Mamad clarified, “All rewards are the same. The more you play, the more chances you have to get tokens.”

While centralized exchange (CEX) listings for the PIXFI token are confirmed, specific exchanges remain undisclosed. “Our co-founder, Kori Leon, worked in the Binance listing team,” says Mamad. “We understand the process and metrics exchanges look for.”

Pixelverse offers a unique blend of social features, engaging gameplay, and a community-driven approach. With an experienced team and an ambitious vision, this battler game is poised to make a significant mark in Web3 gaming.

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