Precipitate AI to Add BONE or LEASH as Protocol Payment Currency

May 17, 2024

In an exciting development for the Shib community, Precipitate AI has announced plans to incorporate either $BONE or $LEASH as a protocol payment currency. This move follows the successful integration of Shibarium Validators into the Precipitate Protocol, which went live Thursday, allowing users to launch validators on the Shibarium blockchain without the need for hardware or maintenance.

The announcement came in response to a query from Ringoshi Tōitsu, a WOOF supporter on X (formerly Twitter), who expressed interest in using $BONE or $LEASH for setting up Shibarium Validators. Precipitate AI quickly confirmed this interest with a repost, stating, “To support the $SHIB Army in this, we will add either $BONE or $LEASH as protocol payment currency soon.” This decision underscores Precipitate AI’s commitment to supporting the Shib ecosystem and its various tokens.

The proposal to add $BONE or $LEASH as a payment option is set to mark another milestone for the DeFi landscape of Shibarium. This integration will provide more flexibility and options for the Shib community, further solidifying the role of Shibarium in the broader blockchain space.

In addition to this announcement, Precipitate AI congratulated Shibarium on the latest update to ShibaSwap, highlighting the continuous advancements and collaborative spirit within the community. As the Shib ecosystem continues to grow, such partnerships and innovations are expected to drive further adoption and utility for SHIB, BONE, and LEASH tokens.

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