What’s Behind the ShibaSwap Update Veil? Shibarium Tech Moderator Offers Insights

May 14, 2024

In a recent tweet, Special, a Shibarium Tech moderator for Discord and Telegram, shed light on the project’s approach to releasing updates, specifically for the upcoming ShibaSwap update, particularly its integration into Shibarium.

“In today’s world, premature information spreads quickly and trust is crucial,” Special said in a statement to The Shib Daily. “This is why reliable updates are essential for community safety and confidence.”

As outlined in the tweet, the focus is on striking a balance between transparency and safeguarding the project’s future. The tweet outlines four key reasons why Shibarium prioritizes controlled information releases:

First, releasing incomplete details can lead to speculation and drastic price swings. This volatility can be harmful to both new and existing investors, making it difficult for them to make informed decisions.

Second, the cryptocurrency space is highly competitive and thrives on innovation. Leaked information could be exploited by competitors, allowing them to copy Shibarium’s ideas or gain a strategic advantage. This could ultimately weaken Shibarium’s position in the market.

Third, premature disclosures can expose vulnerabilities within the ShibaSwap platform. This could give hackers a chance to launch attacks and steal users’ assets.

Finally, inaccurate or incomplete updates can erode user trust. If the community feels misled or uninformed about the project’s progress, they may lose confidence in Shibarium. This could hurt the project’s long-term success.

Special emphasizes that Shibarium is committed to transparency. “Shibarium is for transparency for the community by focusing on timely and accurate updates,” the Shibarium Tech moderator asserts. “This helps protect our reputation and the well-being of our community.”

However, the focus remains on releasing updates at optimal moments. Special clarifies, “This project is all about providing the community with information about upcoming updates, but if those updates give an edge to our competitors, this is why those updates are only released when we are closer to a finished product like ShibaSwap upgrades, etc.”

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