Unveiling the Elite Squad: The Top 5 Crypto Degen Nations!

May 11, 2024

In the past 10 years, cryptocurrency has gone from being a mysterious asset to a craze-worthy investment everywhere. ₿ 🤑

But here are the top 10 crypto degens by country, according to CoinGecko! 🌎💸

1. United States – Welcome to the United States of Crypto. Bitcoin has become the latest obsession of the masses. Forget about Kim Kardashian; Google users in the U.S. are now searching for Bitcoin like it’s the hottest celebrity gossip. 📰 Americans just can’t get enough of this digital gold. 💰

2. United Kingdom – The U.K. is no stranger to the world of crypto assets, with approximately 10% of British adults getting in on the action. Crypto regulators are always on the move, but we admire City Minister Bim Afolami for encouraging informed risk taking. 🐱‍👤 Now that’s what we call a real daredevil! 😈

3. Philippines – Crypto fever has once again gripped the Philippines, starting with the rise of the NFT-rich video game Axie Infinity during the COVID-19 lockdowns. 🎮 😷 After a brief crypto winter, the trend is back with a vengeance. In a place where not everybody owns a bank account, crypto is the next best thing!

4. France – If you’ve heard people say France is the European Crypto Hub, you’ve been consuming too much crypto media. 😜 France is not just about baguettes and berets but also a buzzing hive of networking and innovation with its blockchain events. 🥖 🥐

5. Indonesia – With 19 million crypto investors and a solid regulatory framework, Indonesia is carving out its place in the global crypto market. Word on the street is Java and Bali are the crypto hotspots – are tourists vacationing there or trading crypto? 🥥 🏖️

If your country didn’t make it to the degens’ list, don’t worry. 🤔 Satoshi started with only 31,000 lines of code and now we have Bitcoin; Nexo once thought of Shiba Inu as a joke and now it is listed on the platform … the list goes on. There are major plot twists in this space often. Keep your eyes on the horizon! 👀💲

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