The Shib Magazine’s Manny Pacquiao NFT Cover Fetches 1K $BONE

May 9, 2024

The Shib magazine’s second edition cover, featuring the iconic Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, was sold as a mintable NFT for 1,000 $BONE on Mantra Protocol, a landmark moment underlining the value of the magazine’s covers.

This transaction not only reflects the rising popularity of NFTs but also underscores their potential as a medium for broader cultural representation within the crypto industry.

Mantra’s Iconic NFT Sale

The sale was conducted on Mantra Protocol, notable for being the first marketplace to operate on Shibarium. As the largest marketplace with a trading volume that tops 650,000 $BONE across various collections, Mantra Protocol has positioned itself as a key player in the NFT space.

The platform’s announcement that the cover sold for an equivalent of approximately $571 highlights the tangible value being ascribed to digital collectibles.

Strategic NFT Cover by The Shib Magazine

Integral to the Shib Ecosystem, The Shib magazine releases its covers as mintable NFTs, available in limited numbers. This strategy not only enhances the value of each release but also taps into the growing trend of collectors seeking to acquire, and sometimes trade, unique digital artifacts.

By minting these covers, subscribers gain the opportunity to own a piece of crypto history, which they can keep or sell on various NFT marketplaces.

Meaningful Partnershib

This particular edition of The Shib goes beyond featuring a celebrity. It celebrates the significant ‘partnershib’ between the Shiba Inu community and Manny Pacquiao’s foundation. Highlighting the foundation’s role as a validator of Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s layer-2 scalability solution, the cover symbolizes a meaningful collaboration that leverages blockchain technology for greater visibility and community engagement.

Strengthening Philanthropy Through Blockchain

The Manny Pacquiao Foundation (MPF) has embraced the innovative realm of blockchain technology by becoming a proud partner and validator of Shibarium. For years, the foundation has accepted cryptocurrency donations, recognizing the potential of digital assets to broaden its philanthropic reach and enhance its impact.

This strategic move aligns with the MPF’s mission to leverage cutting-edge technologies in advancing its charitable initiatives worldwide. Manny Pacquiao, reflecting on the partnership, emphasized the shared values between the MPF and the Shiba Inu team.

The transparency and spirit of the SHIB team resonate strongly with the MPF’s values, underscoring the alignment in principles that paves the way for a promising collaboration. This mutual resonance is set to amplify their efforts, combining the appeal of a global sports icon with the innovative potential of blockchain technology.

This partnershib promises to harness the enthusiasm of the crypto community for charitable causes, potentially setting a precedent for how athletes and blockchain communities can collaborate for social good. By integrating the spirit of innovation with the ethos of giving, Manny Pacquiao Foundation and the SHIB team are charting a new path in philanthropy—one that not only raises funds but also raises awareness and engagement through the transparent and empowering capabilities of cryptocurrency.

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