Shib Army Represent!: Weathering the Storm for Web3 Summit 2024 in Dubai

April 18, 2024

Amid tumultuous weather conditions, a Shib Army showcased unwavering determination as he made the community’s presence felt at the Web3 Summit 2024 in Dubai. Braving the storm with resolve, the Shib Army stood as a testament to his commitment, undeterred in his quest to participate in one of the year’s most significant gatherings in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

The “Web3 Summit 2024 in Dubai,” hosted by LBank Labs and co-organized by a consortium including RWA Finance and MetaStone Group, brought together over 100 speakers and anticipated more than 3,000 attendees from across the globe. This convergence was aimed at fostering discussions on macro policies, emerging technologies, AI, and financial tech innovations in the Web3 space.

The summit’s first day faced significant accessibility challenges due to unexpected floods in Dubai, a rarity that tested both the organizers’ and attendees’ resolve. Despite this, the summit went ahead, underscoring the commitment of the blockchain community to push forward, even under difficult circumstances.

A Shib Army who uses the X handle @ShibaXanders, attending the event’s second day, narrated a personal journey marked by the determination to reach the venue amid the aftermath of the floods. “I got up very early to look for my taxi in this modern and futuristic city. If the rains were heavy and so were the floods. But my desire to go to the event was even stronger,” he told The Shib Daily

The summit ambience was notably vibrant and inclusive. “When you arrive, the guards of the place greet you kindly and ask where you are going. Just mentioning ‘Crypto event’ had them guiding you right away,” Xanders noted. Inside, the environment was welcoming, with snacks, drinks, and friendly smiles from the reception staff, making it easier for attendees to engage and network.

Despite the lower turnout due to the ongoing travel disruptions, the mood remained upbeat. Xanders added, “It was not a massive attendance today, since some roads in Dubai were still closed. But there were a lot of people, many nationalities, and very good vibes.” Special amenities for sponsors included a unique yellow bag containing an LBank shirt, some water, and event flyers, enhancing the experience for VIP guests.

The Web3 Summit in Dubai exemplified the sector’s resilience and the community’s dedication to fostering innovation despite challenges. Xanders concluded, “Lunch was spectacular. They took care of every detail so that the guests and sponsors felt at home.” 

Photos courtesy of Xanders

Shiba Inu is a sponsor of the event. “Shiba Inu’s participation is not just a testament to the growing interest and investment in the Web3 space but also highlights the importance of collaboration and community in shaping the future of decentralized technologies. We believe that their involvement will bring valuable insights and discussions to the summit, benefiting all attendees and participants,” LBank said in a statement shared with The Shib Daily.

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