Adidas Revolutionizes Fitness with First-Ever NFT Sneaker Drop

April 17, 2024

In a groundbreaking move at the intersection of technology and fitness, lifestyle app STEPN has teamed up with global powerhouse adidas to unveil a pioneering NFT collection, set to redefine how we engage with both physical and digital worlds. The collaboration heralds the arrival of the STEPN x adidas Genesis Sneakers, a series of 1,000 unique NFTs inspired by adidas’ iconic running designs, exclusively available on the Solana-based marketplace MOOAR.

This partnership signals a transformative shift towards a “phygital” experience—where physical and digital realms converge—and sets the stage for a year-long journey of co-branded initiatives. The Genesis Sneakers collection, dropping on April 17, represents just the beginning of this immersive collaboration aimed at pushing boundaries in fitness and technology.

Unlike traditional sneaker releases, where enthusiasts line up physically, this digital drop will see participants vying for limited-edition NFTs through a two-phase raffle system. The first phase, starting on April 17, reserves 200 NFTs for loyal community members, including holders of ‘ALTS by adidas’ NFTs and select FSL stakeholders. The subsequent public raffle opens the remaining 790 NFTs to a wider audience, with winners announced every 24 hours.

“This collaboration between STEPN and adidas signifies a new era of ‘move-and-earn’ experiences, blending physical activity with digital rewards,” remarks Shiti Manghani, CEO of STEPN by Find Satoshi Lab (FSL). “It showcases the power of motivating individuals through technology, paving the way for innovations that transcend generations.”

The Genesis Sneakers collection represents more than just a digital acquisition; it embodies a lifestyle shift. By leveraging NFTs, participants are not only acquiring unique digital assets but also contributing to the evolution of fitness culture.

STEPN, boasting over 5 million users globally, has risen as a leader in incentivized fitness, encouraging individuals to stay active through its innovative platform. Through the app, users link their smartphones, earn rewards for physical activities like walking or running, and now have the opportunity to engage with exclusive digital collectibles.

While this collaboration with adidas marks a significant milestone for STEPN, it also reflects broader trends in the evolving Web3 landscape. The fusion of fitness, blockchain, and digital art underscores a paradigm shift in how brands interact with their communities.

In parallel, AIRian emerges as a notable competitor in the “move-and-earn” space, offering an alternative experience to STEPN. AIRian—meaning “builders” and “contributors” in community—embodies a vision to build one of the largest running communities globally. With its flagship project Runner X, AIRian invites runners and marathoners from around the world to participate in a decentralized platform centered on the history of iconic marathons like the Seoul International Marathon.

AIRian’s ethos revolves around fostering a user-centered running project, where runners collectively contribute to a thriving global community. The name “AIRian” symbolizes the essential element of “AIR” for runners and the unity of its members (“-ian”). This initiative aims to bring together over 300 million runners worldwide, leveraging blockchain technology to record and enhance community activities across borders.

As these platforms continue to evolve, driven by the ethos of empowerment and collaboration, they herald a new era where fitness intersects with blockchain technology, shaping lifestyles and communities in ways previously unimaginable, underscoring the transformative potential of Web3 applications in redefining the future of fitness and global community engagement.

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