How to Use Meta AI for WhatsApp and Instagram

April 16, 2024
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Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp and Instagram, is revolutionizing user experiences with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) features within these popular messaging platforms.

Designed to mimic human-like interactions, Meta AI offers a range of functionalities aimed at enriching conversations and streamlining communication. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use Meta AI on both WhatsApp and Instagram, along with its potential use cases.

Understanding Meta AI:

Meta AI is an intelligent chatbot embedded within WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Key aspects of the program include:

Purpose: Meta AI functions as a conversational assistant, providing advice, answering queries, and even generating images.

Real-Time Data: Leveraging Bing’s real-time data, the software ensures that responses are current and relevant to user inquiries.

Utilizing Meta AI on WhatsApp:

Step 1: Access the App

1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.

2. Navigate to the desired chat or group chat.

Step 2: Invoke Meta AI

1. In the chat, type “@MetaAI” to activate the chatbot.

2. Follow the command with your request or query.

Step 3: Receive Meta AI’s Response

1. Once your request is entered, Meta AI processes it.

2. Receive the response directly within the chat interface.

Using Meta AI on Instagram:

Step 1: Update the App

1. Ensure your Instagram app is updated to the latest version.

2. Launch the app on your device.

Step 2: Interact with Meta AI

1. Locate and tap on the search button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Note the ‘Blue Ring’ around the search bar, indicating Meta AI’s activation.

3. Type or verbally input your questions for Meta AI to address.

Potential Use Cases for Meta AI:

1. Recommendations: Meta AI can offer personalized content, product, or service suggestions based on user queries.

2. Image Generation: Users can request Meta AI to create photorealistic images from text prompts.

3. Creative Content: Meta AI enhances conversations by enabling users to generate unique content, including memes and digital badges, within their chats.

It’s important to note that Meta AI is currently in limited testing, available to select users in specific countries with English as the app language. Users retain the freedom to engage with the chatbot or utilize the platforms conventionally.

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