Worldcoin Reinforces Privacy and Transparency with Unverify Option and Open-Sourcing Code

April 11, 2024

Worldcoin, the blockchain-based digital ID platform, has taken important steps to address privacy concerns and build trust with users by introducing the ability to unverify World IDs through permanent iris code deletion and open-sourcing the Orb core code.

The project, which assigns digital World IDs to users after scanning their irises to confirm personhood, has registered nearly five million people. To address privacy concerns, Worldcoin (WLD) now allows users to request the permanent deletion of their ‘iris code,’ a unique numeric representation of their iris texture. This move aligns with Worldcoin’s ongoing efforts to mitigate privacy concerns while promoting its vision of a digital ID system capable of proving personhood in an AI-dominated era.

Worldcoin has also introduced Personal Custody, allowing new users to store their data on personal devices and offering an added layer of security by enabling users to opt out of data encryption and storage by Worldcoin. Moreover, the initiative has introduced in-person age verification checks for individuals aged 18 and above and has consulted external privacy specialists in crafting these innovative protocols.

The Worldcoin team wrote, “The individual’s World ID will become invalid, and a six-month ‘cool off’ period will be initiated” to prevent fraud. Following this period, the iris code will be permanently deleted and unrecoverable, marking a step in Worldcoin’s commitment to user privacy and data protection.

In addition to these measures, Worldcoin has open-sourced the Orb core code, giving the public a glimpse into how the Orb converts iris scans into unique verifications within the World ID system. This move is part of Worldcoin’s gradual open-sourcing process, which began with the release of details on the device’s hardware and the open-sourcing of its iris recognition component.

Worldcoin’s open-sourcing efforts aim to address skepticism surrounding its eye-scanning Orb, a device used to create biometrically unique accounts for its more than four million users. By making the core software undergirding the Orb open source, Worldcoin is demonstrating transparency and inviting public scrutiny of its processes.

These new initiatives come amid investigations and pushbacks from several countries, including a probe by South Korea and orders from Spain and Portugal to halt biometric data collection. Worldcoin’s efforts to empower users and increase transparency are crucial in building trust and addressing regulatory concerns as the project continues to grow and evolve.

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