Beware! Fake SpaceX Eclipse Livestream with AI-Generated Musk Pushes Crypto Scam

April 10, 2024
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A recent deceptive live stream on YouTube purportedly broadcast the total solar eclipse under the guise of SpaceX, featuring an AI-generated speech falsely attributed to Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX.

The live stream, titled “Live: Solar Eclipse Spectacular 2024 of SpaceX,” showcased a pre-recorded video of Elon Musk addressing a crowd. However, the speech was altered using artificial intelligence software to promote a cryptocurrency investment opportunity with promises of doubling returns.

A QR code was also displayed on the screen that directed viewers to a fraudulent website mimicking SpaceX.

The fake livestream was first uncovered by iOS developer Mysk, who identified it as a deepfake video aimed at scamming unsuspecting viewers. He says the domain registration of the scam website was traced back to Russia.

While the exact number of users affected remains unclear, the stream reportedly attracted millions during the solar eclipse.

As of this writing, the channel seems to have been deleted.

The incident is not an isolated case of fake videos involving SpaceX and Elon Musk circulating on YouTube. Earlier, Steve Wozniak filed a lawsuit against the platform due to the proliferation of similar videos impersonating the Apple co-founder to promote fraudulent Bitcoin schemes.

Additionally, scammers have previously flooded YouTube with counterfeit SpaceX Starship livestreams.

Such occurrences underscore the escalating threat posed by misusing deepfake technology for malicious intents. Notably, as artificial intelligence advances, discerning the authenticity of digital content becomes progressively challenging.

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