SHIB ARMY Celebrates: Shiba Inu Creator’s Social Media Account Achieves Coveted Blue Tick

April 4, 2024

The Shib Army, the passionate community of Shiba Inu enthusiasts, erupted in celebration today as news spread that the official X (formerly Twitter) account of Ryoshi, the pseudonymous creator of Shiba Inu, achieved the coveted verification status. This development marks a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency’s devotees, who have long awaited this recognition for the enigmatic figure behind one of the most popular meme coins in the market.

Ryoshi, whose real identity remains a mystery, last interacted publicly with the community over two years ago before embarking on a hiatus, during which he deleted all his posts across social media platforms and other channels.

The sudden resurgence of Ryoshi’s presence on X sparked a wave of excitement and speculation within the Shib Army and the wider cryptocurrency community. Many have been closely following Ryoshi’s re-emergence, eager for any insights or updates he may offer regarding the future direction of Shiba Inu and its ecosystem

Ryoshi’s decision to delete all previous posts before his hiatus has only fueled curiosity surrounding his motives and intentions. Some speculate that this action may indicate a desire to start afresh or signal a shift in focus for the Shiba Inu project. Others view it as a deliberate attempt to maintain privacy and anonymity in line with the decentralized ethos of cryptocurrencies. Whatever the reason, Ryoshi’s enigmatic persona continues to captivate the imagination of members of the Shib Army and cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide.

While the Shib Army eagerly anticipates the possibility of Ryoshi making a grand comeback following the verification of his social media account, the mystery surrounding his true identity continues to baffle enthusiasts. Despite the excitement generated by the coveted blue tick, speculation runs rampant as to why Ryoshi’s account received verification status.

The Shib Army’s excitement over Ryoshi’s verified X account reached new heights as the reason behind the milestone became clearer. It turned out the account verification was a direct result of the latest feature rollout on the social media platform, which commenced Thursday. 

This feature, designed to reward influential users, automatically bestows Premium and Premium+ status on accounts with over 2,500 and more than 5,000 verified followers, respectively. What’s more, these users are now eligible to apply for monetization and earn through ad revenue sharing.

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