Revolution Brewing: Developer’s Shibarium Initiative Hints at Potential DAMN Market Launch

April 1, 2024

The cryptocurrency sphere is abuzz with excitement as discussions about the potential launch of the DAMN market on Shibarium gain traction. Woof, the developer spearheading the experimental project DAMN, recently hinted at this groundbreaking concept.

Since its inception, DAMN (SolKiller) has showcased impressive performance, garnering attention within the Shibarium community. With anticipation mounting, users eagerly await the next steps in DAMN’s journey and its contribution to the Shibarium ecosystem.

Over the weekend, Woof shared an intriguing concept aimed at enhancing DAMN’s accessibility and appeal within the Shibarium network. This concept, reminiscent of the Inscription Market, could enhance the token’s appeal and accessibility even further.

Woof unveiled discussions surrounding the establishment of a dedicated DAMN market via a tweet. “The concept is akin to the Inscription Market,” Woof told The Shib Daily in an exclusive interview.  

“This innovative feature allows users to list DAMN for sale on Shibarium, mirroring the straightforward process of listing SRC20 tokens,” the developer said. Unlike traditional swaps, it offers users the flexibility to list DAMN on Shibarium, with buyers able to purchase DAMN using various cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, SOL, and more. 

Woof said, further shedding light on the concept: “For instance, when a seller lists their DAMN for sale, they have the option to accept payments in ETH on the Ethereum network. Subsequently, when a buyer makes a purchase, they pay in ETH on Ethereum and receive DAMN on Shibarium.”

Whoof, who is also a developer of WoofSwap, the community-driven, ve(3,3) Decentralized Exchange (DEX) built on the Shiba Inu’s L2 network, also shared the motivation behind the DAMN market concept and its potential impact on the Shibarium ecosystem. “I believe in the inherent convenience of blockchain technology, and our mission is to empower individuals to seamlessly acquire DAMN using any asset of their choice,” they said. 

“Yet, amidst this transformative journey, our focus transcends mere transactions; it’s about instilling a profound understanding of Shibarium’s unparalleled efficiency and affordability in gas costs,” the developer added. Aside from the focus on empowering users and fostering trust within the community, Woof also emphasized the importance of education and transparency throughout the process.

“Education, undoubtedly, is a journey, one that necessitates strategic guidance to navigate. For, DAMN thrives exclusively within the Shibarium ecosystem, fostering familiarity and trust within its burgeoning community becomes paramount,” they said.

During the interview, Woof reiterated the absence of utility for DAMN, emphasizing its role within a larger decentralized experiment aimed at enhancing accessibility. “We’re part of a decentralized experiment where our goal is to expand the availability of the meme coin on Shibarium through initiatives like the DAMN market, CEX listings, and beyond,” Woof reiterated. 

They also discussed the broader goals of the DAMN project, including initiatives to expand Shibarium’s user base through marketing efforts and collaborations with centralized exchanges. Despite the challenges associated with exchange listings, Woof remains committed to communicating developments transparently.

“We’re actively collaborating with the community and CEXs to communicate these advancements and uphold transparency throughout the process,” Woof affirmed. “DAMN stands as the premier meme coin on Shibarium, and the prospect of a second 1 million BONE liquidity pool emerging on the platform presents a formidable challenge,” Woof conveyed when asked for their message to the community, before saying, “The timing and circumstances must align perfectly for such an occurrence.” 

As Shibarium continues to evolve, Woof highlighted the ongoing initiatives to burn SHIB, BONE, and DAMN tokens simultaneously. “Efforts on marketing and promoting DAMN have intensified, as attracting new users to Shibarium is of paramount importance,” the developer shared. “Initiatives are currently in motion to simultaneously burn SHIB, BONE, and DAMN tokens. Each undertaking is meticulously crafted to propel Shibarium’s user base expansion forward.” 

Emphasizing the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency realm, he asserted, “Innovation and trends hold sway over the landscape.” He concluded with a resolute statement, “Adaptation and timely adjustments are imperative for success.”

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