Shiba Inu Strategic Partner K9 Finance Earns Prestigious Organic Listing on Major Global CEX

March 29, 2024

Shiba Inu’s strategic ally, K9 Finance, has secured a coveted spot with an organic listing on a major global centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform.

BitMart, a centralized exchange that provides crypto asset trading and investment services to over 9 million users around the globe, announced that K9 Finance officially joins the ranks of its Vote Listing, effective March 29. 

This latest development marks a significant stride for K9 Finance, propelling it into the spotlight of one of the industry’s premier platforms. 

In a parallel announcement on social media platform X, K9 Finance DAO shared that its native crypto $KNINE will be available in BitMart starting next week.

“K9 Finance DAO is growing to the point where exchanges are organically listing KNINE,” Buzz, the pseudonymous developer and founder of K9 Finance told The Shib Daily when asked about the latest listing. “Important in these organic listings is encouraging exchanges to support and integrate Shibarium. As our team pushes forward for the Q3 launch of our product called ‘Bone Crusher,’ all of our partners integrating Shibarium becomes more and more important to support the entire ecosystem

K9 Finance, the innovative liquid staking derivative platform built on Shibarium, is making waves and capturing the spotlight in the crypto sphere. 

Just recently, $KNINE, the native token of K9 Finance, was listed by MEXC Global, a centralized cryptocurrency exchange renowned for its digital trading services.

For K9 Finance, having its token listed by exchanges signifies a significant validation of its project and a crucial step toward broader adoption and recognition within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. 

Exchange listings provide increased liquidity for the token, making it more accessible to investors and traders. 

This increased liquidity can lead to greater price stability and trading volume, which in turn can attract more attention and interest from the wider crypto community. 

Moreover, exchange listings can serve as a catalyst for further partnerships and collaborations, as well as provide opportunities for token holders to engage in trading and staking activities. 

Ultimately, being listed by exchanges enhances K9 Finance’s visibility, credibility, and potential for growth in the competitive crypto market.

In addition to its recent developments, K9 Finance has unveiled the establishment of the K9 Unit, poised to act as the community’s dedicated marketing force, reflecting K9 Finance’s commitment to fostering a strong and engaged community, empowering members to drive awareness and adoption of the platform.

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