K9 Finance Unveils Evolutionary Product Roadmap-Highlights

March 26, 2024
K9 Finance
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K9 Finance, a leading player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, recently announced its product roadmap, which is set to unfold in three evolutionary stages. The roadmap, shared via a tweet, draws parallels between product development and the evolution of canines.

The first stage, named ‘Hesper’, is set to launch on Testnet in late Q2. This stage is named after the Hesperocyoniae, a prehistoric version of the modern-day canine. Just as the Hesperocyoniae evolved into a more advanced version, this Testnet version of K9 is expected to rapidly evolve to Mainnet.

The second stage, ‘Boro’, is scheduled for a Mainnet launch in Q3. Boro, named after the now-extinct Borophaginae, translates to “BONE crushing dogs”. This phase symbolizes K9’s evolution to Mainnet and its transformation into a ‘BONE crusher’ through its core liquid-staking product.

The final stage, ‘Caninae’, represents the product’s finalization in Q4. Caninae includes all living dog species, including the Shiba Inu, and symbolizes the modern expectation of a fully decentralized liquid-staking derivative product. This stage represents the finalization of K9, mirroring the evolution of canines to their modern form.

K9 Finance DAO successfully launched its native governance token, $KNINE, on March 7. The ERC20 token was exclusively launched on Uniswap.

As an official partner of Shib and a recognized Shibarium validator, K9 Finance DAO rewards $KNINE holders with $BONE, which is earned from validating blocks. The launch was further highlighted by the announcement of Shytoshi Kusama as official advisor.

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