Dive into the Hunt: Shibarium’s Biggest Marketplace Announces ‘Easter Egg’ Event 

March 25, 2024

In a strategic move set to stir excitement across the Shib ecosystem and the broader crypto landscape, Shibarium’s leading marketplace Mantra Protocol has unveiled its latest activity dubbed the “Easter Egg” event. This smart initiative is primed to captivate NFT collectors and eager enthusiasts and to inject a fresh wave of momentum into the ecosystem, elevating user engagement.

Mantra Protocol is shaking up the NFT scene with this event, offering NFTs at a steal for just 1 DAMN token, the new meme coin on Shibarium. Priced as a near-giveaway, this initiative aims to boost engagement not only with Mantra and DAMN but also with various NFT collections within the Shibarium ecosystem.

“Kicking things off, we integrated $DAMN into our marketplace by whitelisting it as an accepted currency. The “Easter Egg” activity emerged as a creative strategy to further engage and integrate $DAMN holders into the Shibarium ecosystem,” shared Mortinp, the pseudonymous co-founder of Mantra Protocol, in an exclusive statement to The Daily Shib.

According to Mortinp, the team will drop Easter Eggs, or NFTs worth 1 $DAMN, in Shibarium NFT collections on Mantra. Comprising non-fungible tokens from various projects on Shiba Inu’s L2 blockchain, these collections are a treasure trove for enthusiasts.

“We will list NFTs from Mantra’s own collection (Teh Toros) but also from ShibaPunkz, Shibulls, Sleepy Shibs, Shiba Apes and others,” Mortinp said. However, they noted that these coveted Easter Eggs tend to disappear in a flash, as eager followers of Mantra’s real-time feed on Telegram immediately purchase them as soon as they are up for grabs.

Mantra is the first marketplace to exist on Shibarium and it has been on the layer-2 network since it officially went live. The project is also the biggest marketplace with a total volume of over 650,000 $BONE across all collections.

“If we synchronize our efforts, the possibilities are boundless—there’s potential for other project leaders to contribute Easter Eggs from their treasuries, should they choose to participate,” remarked Mortinp.

“For Shibarium, leveraging NFTs offers a strategic pathway to encourage $DAMN holders deeper into our ecosystem. NFTs serve as an enticing gateway; once individuals secure these unique assets, their interest is naturally piqued, prompting them to delve deeper. Given that most NFT projects offer diverse and engaging opportunities, this approach effectively fuels increased participation and cultivates a more committed community,” the Mantra co-founder added.

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