Google Integrates Ethereum Name Service Data into Search Results

March 22, 2024
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In a significant development for the crypto community, search giant Google has seamlessly integrated Ethereum Name Service (ENS) data into its search engine results.

The move enhances the visibility of crypto assets and simplifies the exploration of ENS domains.

What Is ENS?

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a decentralized system that allows users to associate human-readable names with complex Ethereum addresses. Instead of relying on lengthy hexadecimal strings, ENS enables users to interact with crypto assets using familiar domain-like names.

The integration of ENS data into Google’s search results is a significant step toward mainstream adoption. The crypto address information displayed in search results appears to be sourced from Etherscan, a well-known Ethereum block explorer.

While Google has not officially announced this integration, Brantly Millegan, a former member of the ENS development team, shared his discovery on social media. His tweet revealed the groundbreaking news, sparking excitement within the crypto community.

Google’s foray into the crypto space is not new. Previously, the search engine enabled users to check Ethereum address balances directly through its platform. Additionally, during the days leading up to the Ethereum Merge event in September 2022, Google featured a countdown timer for users searching terms like “Ethereum” or “Ethereum Merge.”

Beyond these initiatives, Google has made significant investments in crypto firms through its financial arm, GV (Google Ventures).

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