D3 Provides Update on Shib Name Transition Issues

March 22, 2024
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In a significant development for the Shib Army, D3 has issued a crucial update via X (formerly Twitter), addressing the concerns of those who encountered issues during the transition from SNS to D3.

The tweet, which brings substantial relief for affected members, states:

“If you had a #ShibName stuck in the Mantra smart contract during the transition from SNS to D3, your names have now been unlocked and sent to your wallets. Go to http://d3.app, connect your wallet and check out your names under ‘My Assets’.”

The Shib Name Service (SNS) made its debut on Shibarium, marking a pivotal milestone in the Shiba Inu ecosystem’s evolution. Positioned within the Shibdentity ecosystem, SNS serves as a decentralized identity platform empowering users to assert control over their digital identities.

At its core, SNS introduces human-readable addresses, eliminating the need to grapple with intricate Shibarium addresses. This innovation enables users to send tokens to friends and contacts effortlessly using unique Shib names.

The benefits of SNS extend beyond mere convenience. It streamlines transactions by translating complex Shibarium addresses into user-friendly names and enhancing the user experience. Moreover, operating on the decentralized Shibarium blockchain underscores its commitment to decentralization and user empowerment, aligning with the broader vision of the Shiba Inu community.

SNS’s versatility is evident in its potential integration with other cryptocurrencies and decentralized websites, fostering innovation within the blockchain space. Leveraging the robust security features of the Shibarium platform, SNS ensures the protection of transactions and interactions, prioritizing user security.

The service’s introduction of human-readable addresses significantly reduces the likelihood of erroneous transactions, mitigating the risks associated with sending assets to incorrect addresses.

Furthermore, SNS’s seamless integration with various apps and services within the Shibarium ecosystem enhances interoperability, facilitating a cohesive user experience and fostering collaboration across platforms.

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