Early Bitcoin Investor Shifts Strategy, Reveals Plan to Exchange Cardano for Shiba Inu

March 20, 2024

Renowned early Bitcoin investor Davinci Jeremie, in a short clip that surfaced on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) very recently, shared his plan to swap his Cardano (ADA) holdings for Shiba Inu (SHIB). 

Last year, a TikTok video uploaded by user @cryptok.my, later shared on X by Shib Army SHIB Bezos, featured Jeremie displaying his “physical cryptocurrencies.” When asked which one he would sell, Jeremie replied, “Well, I will hold on[to] Bitcoin and I’m gonna be selling Cardano, for my Shiba and DOGE.”

Jeremie, a software developer and enterprise-level system designer, has been a Bitcoin adopter since March 2011. He later gained recognition as a public speaker and cryptocurrency educator. Hailing from Chile, Jeremie rose to prominence in the cryptocurrency space after uploading a YouTube video in May 2013.

In the video, Jeramie advised his subscribers to invest just a dollar in Bitcoin, a recommendation that has proven to be astute given the current price of BTC. He also emphasized that for the cost of a lotto ticket, one can hold Bitcoin for 10 years and potentially become a millionaire, urging viewers to overcome fear and take the leap. 

“Look, for the price of [a] lotto ticket you can hold Bitcoin (BTC) for 10 years and become a millionaire. It’s time you stop living in fear. If it goes to zero you lose $1, who cares!”

Jeremie stressed the importance of seizing the opportunity, expressing his desire for gratitude rather than regret from his audience in the future.

He further said, “But if I’m right I want all of you to thank me, it will not make me happy if you come back to me in 10 years saying ‘dude, I wish I listened to you back [in] 2011 or 2013’.”

The early Bitcoin investor also promoted BTC as a global digital currency and elaborated on its technical analysis, emphasizing its role in enabling secure and decentralized transactions across the internet, free from intermediaries.

“Just so you know, Bitcoin is a digital crypto and global money system currency. I talk about the technical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto and how I make money trading BTC,” Jeremie said before adding, “Bitcoin allows people to send or receive money across the internet, without a third party.”

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