to Debut a Weekly YouTube Series, Partners with OracleAI

March 20, 2024, the news platform powered by Bad Idea AI, will launch a weekly YouTube series to provide regular updates on the latest news within the Bad Idea AI ecosystem.

The YouTube show will offer a platform to discuss the project’s most recent developments, with a focus on discussing topics like artificial intelligence (AI), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), governance, and security in crypto. It will be hosted by a prominent influencer, who is yet to be named, and will give Bad Idea AI’s partner projects a chance to introduce their work to its community through a dedicated segment. also teamed up with OracleAI, an AI-powered app that helps investors predict market trends and outperform KOL recommendations. They are at the forefront of implementing Bad Idea AI’s ad-free mode.

In a recent tweet, Bad Idea AI introduced OracleAI as its “latest community news partner,” marking a pivotal step forward for its news channel. It highlights the platform’s dedication to delivering comprehensive news coverage and positive community involvement that will benefit users of the Bad Idea Chatbot S.A.R.A.H., known as the “heart and face” of the project.

The inception of the chatbot began with the team’s vision of synergizing the creative journey of and the amalgamation of human perception and artificial intelligence. With over 200,000 users, the chatbot system demonstrates a steady rise in social interaction and brand loyalty.

A spokesperson confirmed that the OracleAI team, known for their vast experience, has zeroed in on a notable market gap and is in the process of developing a solution with great potential.

Earlier this year, the Bad Idea AI team announced through several news sites that it had partnered with a publishing CEO to merge AI technology and crypto journalism.

Mr. Lightspeed, the spokesperson for Bad Idea AI, explained that this integration enables a new approach to news production by combining their AI framework with the community’s capabilities and resources, resulting in content that stays up-to-date with the crypto space.

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