Giggle Academy: Binance’s CZ Announces Hiring Drive for New ‘Zero-Revenue’ Project

March 19, 2024

Changpeng Zhao, the founder and former CEO of Binance, broke his silence on social media after several weeks to not only reveal his latest non-crypto project but also to announce a hiring drive for his free education platform.

Following his resignation as the CEO of Binance, the world’s largest crypto exchange platform by trading volume, last November after pleading guilty to a money laundering charge in the U.S., CZ as he is more popularly known in the crypto space, said that he will take a hiatus. However, he also hinted at the time that he might offer mentorship or coaching “to a small number of upcoming entrepreneurs, privately.”

Amid the legal issues in the U.S. and the restrictions on going home to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) where his family is based, CZ chose to maintain a low profile on social media for several months. Despite these challenges, the crypto tycoon has been hard at work on a new venture, distinct from cryptocurrency, which may soon integrate a learn-to-earn system.

Just this week, the founder of Binance took to X to unveil his latest endeavor, the Giggle Academy. Described as a platform providing “free basic education (roughly grade 1-12) for all,” CZ emphasized its non-profit nature, gamified approach, and adaptability. Alongside the announcement came a call for individuals to join a select team working directly with CZ, particularly seeking educators capable of crafting digital educational content.

This latest venture, Giggle Academy, is set to revolutionize education for underserved kids in developing countries, offering free learning materials to students and learners. Dubbed a “zero-revenue platform,” it aims to make learning fun by integrating gamification elements like points, scores, leaderboards, and unique NFT badges. 

Despite the innovative approach, Zhao confirmed on X that crypto is off the table for this project. Plus, there’s a buzz about potentially introducing a “learn-to-earn” model down the line. CZ shared that as he pondered his next move over the course of several months, his focus narrowed to a pivotal question: how could he make the greatest positive impact on the world? 

Contemplating various avenues, he recognized the need for alignment between his skills and scalability to effect real change. While considering endeavors such as combating corruption, alleviating world hunger, or addressing climate change, CZ acknowledged his lack of expertise in these areas, which could limit his effectiveness. However, he saw potential in education as a catalyst for indirect progress on these critical issues.

“My area of expertise is building (teams to build) software platforms. We (together with a team) can reach hundreds of millions of people. This is scalable, and thus high impact. In addition, education is fundamental to everything in our world. Give a man a fish vs. teach a man to fish. This is the most impactful thing that I could come up with for the next chapter of my life,” the Binance founder said in Giggle Academy’s concept paper.

Zhao is waiting for his sentencing, which has been postponed until April 30, on a money laundering charge.

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