UNoDE Node Service Expands Customer Experience with SHIB and BONE Payment Options

March 15, 2024

Unification, the hybrid blockchain that expands Web 3 accessibility and powers up dApps and the team behind the development of Shibarium, announced that Shiba Inu’s SHIB and BONE will be accepted as forms of payment in the upcoming beta release of UNoDE, a privacy-focused blockchain node and software service platform.

“We’ve listened to the community’s feedback and added the option of payments through multiple other tokens, including Ethereum, Shib, & Bone (among many others), while still reserving special pricing and benefits to users who choose to use the service through FUND,” Unification shared in its recently released blog post.

Described as an umbrella organization, UNoDE is a dual-purpose mission. Firstly, it will serve as a Node Operator dedicated to servicing Node Users, providing a robust framework for seamless blockchain operations. 

Secondly, the organization is looking beyond mere service provision. Through a strategic paid subscription model, UNoDE plans to share a subset of its advanced deployment and infrastructure management tools and software with other Node Operators. 

This move is perceived by many as a game-changer that not only provides operators with the tools and technology necessary to elevate their services but also enhances the blockchain ecosystem at large. 

In an enlightening conversation with The Daily Shib, Ringoshi Toitsu, a well-known validator of the Unification (FUND) network, shed light on the intricate balance of operating a large-scale service. He noted that running UNoDE isn’t just about the development; it’s also about handling the hefty server and infrastructure expenses that come with it.

“Maily/simply that running a service such as UNoDE on scale incurs not only development costs, but also enormous server and infrastructure costs. UNoDE is not free to run – it is a service that has its own costs to cover.” the top validator said, quoting articles and announcements within Unification’s Telegram account.

When asked why Unification decided to allow SHIB and BONE as acceptable forms of payment, Toitsu said, “As infrastructure costs need to be paid, it’s a win-win to allow new users to pay with other crypto which will always be used in preference to pay these infrastructure costs before selling FUND tokens to do so.”

Moreover, he said, “It’s a win-win to (a) allow new users who are not familiar with FUND to enter without friction and (b) to have as much FUND as possible remain in the ecosystem rather than be sold to cover infrastructure costs,” before adding, “Payments beyond those covering infrastructure costs will be used to support further development of the overall platform including but not limited to development, liquidity, marketing, etc.”

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