Shiba Inu and Successful $KNINE Launch Land Popular US TV Coverage

March 15, 2024

Shiba Inu and its strategic ally, K9 Finance, recently commanded the spotlight on a regarded Utah television program, a significant acknowledgment perhaps spurred by the escalating prominence of both crypto ventures.

During the airing of “Eye on Your Money,” in KUTV in Utah, news anchor Cristina Flores brought attention to Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, as it surged to a new all-time high price, surpassing the significant $73,000 threshold.

What adds intrigue to the program for the Shib Army is the spotlight on Shiba Inu’s recent groundbreaking developments, particularly its notable partnership with the next-generation liquid staking derivative platform, K9 Finance.

“Cryptocurrency meme coin Shiba Inu has also been making big news. Shiba Inu has officially partnered with K9 Finance, which brings significant tech innovation to the coin,” the program highlighted. It further noted the successful launch of K9’s native token, $KNINE, which witnessed an astounding price surge of up to 40x following its official token generation event.

Buzz, the pseudonymous founder and developer of K9 Finance, shared they initially approached the news with skepticism, suspecting it to be a sophisticated deep fake. However, after conducting their own investigation, it became evident that the footage was indeed authentic.

“It’s fully on their news website and our team watched it there via the online broadcast,” Buzz said.

Since its explosive debut on March 7, $KNINE has rapidly emerged as a powerhouse within the cryptocurrency market, boasting an impressive trading volume of $7 million within just one hour. This remarkable achievement catapulted $KNINE to the forefront of popularity on DexTools, a prominent decentralized finance (DeFi) trading platform. Notably, the token witnessed an extraordinary surge in holder count, soaring by 87.90% on launch day, attracting 2,507 investors captivated by its promising potential.

As a testament to its burgeoning success, K9 Finance achieved a significant milestone within a mere three days of its launch, surpassing an impressive milestone of 5,400 holders. This achievement not only underscores the rapid expansion of its community but also reflects the market’s unwavering confidence in the project’s vision and utility.

Meanwhile, over the past 30 days, Shiba Inu has demonstrated an astounding surge of approximately 233%, propelling it to the forefront of the cryptocurrency market. Notably, SHIB has asserted its dominance in trading volume, outpacing even large market-cap altcoins, accounting for a substantial 38.75% of the total $80 billion weekly trading volume in the meme coin sector.

Furthermore, SHIB’s aggregated daily volume is on the brink of reaching the remarkable $600 million milestone, marking a phenomenal 200% surge from the figures recorded earlier in the week.

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