Blast Mainnet Stopped Block Production As Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade Went Live

March 13, 2024

Blast, an EVM-compatible Optimistic Rollup platform that supports native yield generation, encountered a critical problem Wednesday when its mainnet ceased to produce blocks a few minutes after Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade went live. The issue was resolved a few minutes after it was announced, Blast said.

Blast, fundamentally built on top of Ethereum, announced on X that its mainnet “has stopped producing blocks due to issues related to Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade.”

The team said core engineering contributors were actively addressing the issues and promised to update the community as well as provide details of the problem as soon as the fix has been deployed.

Blast said it would provide an update within 30 to 60 minutes.

A few minutes after that initial tweet, Blast shared said that “the issue has been resolved” and assured to provide a “full analysis on the issue.”

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