Shibarium Discord Mods Say $TREAT Official Contract Is Not Yet Released, Warn Against Scammers

March 1, 2024

The emergence of TREAT phonies is not new, but a warning to all members of the Shib Army is in order following the debut of the official $TREAT account on X, gaining over 4k followers in just 24 hours. Shibarium Tech Discord moderators encourage everyone to look for the blue check and the Shiba Inu badge next to the X name before following any account that claims to represent the “access token for all things,” which will fuel the Shiba State’s entrepreneurial governance.

Throughout the final months of 2023, Shiba Inu team members have repeatedly warned against malicious actors pretending to represent or be affiliated with the $TREAT token. Meanwhile, an excerpt from one of Ryoshi’s old articles has resurfaced on X recently, which states his vision for the Shib ecosystem’s tokens, including TREAT, which appears to be a part of the final phase of the Shiba Inu project, as corroborated by Shytoshi Kusama himself in one of his blog posts in 2022.

The unabridged Shib Paper describes TREAT as the “harbinger of entrepreneurial vigor” which will enable the Innovation Branch to democratize and decentralize the course of entrepreneurs, startups, and all such innovators coming into the ecosystem, including strategic investors. As a versatile reward token, TREAT will play an important role in the decision-making processes of this branch. TREAT is proposed to actuate the Economic Council’s mission to ensure the ecosystem’s fiscal well-being and support its financial growth. 

Talk of TREAT being a figure of support doesn’t end there, with long-time discussions within the community about its interconnection with the upcoming stablecoin SHI. As a model of support, TREAT is projected to create a supportive framework around SHI, providing balance and ensuring its security as a stable currency.

Shytoshi introduced TREAT to the world in July 2022 in a blog post titled “Shib Army We March On.” He highlighted that the launch of TREAT is a crucial step in growing and enhancing the Shiba Inu ecosystem. It is expected to serve as a rewards token within the ecosystem, particularly for Shib: The Metaverse and the blockchain version of Shiba Eternity™.

Shiba Inu team members urge the community to call to mind that anybody who claims to be selling or distributing $TREAT at present is spreading false information. 

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